Director Stop in Telmore

Telmores ceo, Thomas Wandahl, stops as Managing Director. The job will be different when Telmore is part of the TDC group.

Telmore stands from the turn of perhaps no Director, then Director Thomas Wandahl has managed his last working day at the 31. December 2013.

TDC announced at the end of the month of October, to Telmore future becomes part of the TDC group, which among other things means sales functions and several administrative functions be moved together with the residential Department in TDC. As a result, the job as Director of Telmore also another than what Thomas Wandahl has had the past two years, it illuminates the TDC said in a statement.

There is found a new Director, but who this is will first be published in the coming week.
Wandahl continues as top executive at Smartguy.