Croatia Travel Overview

Croatia Travel Overview

Important facts

Capital: Zagreb (See more on ITYPEJOB.COM)

Official language: Croatian

Currency: Kuna 1HRK = 0.13EUR

Continent: Southern Europe

Vacation in Croatia

According to Countryaah, Croatia is located on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, off whose coast there are more than 1,000 islands, only 47 of which are inhabited. Tourist attractions include Rovinji, Dubrovnik, Krk and the Plitvice Lakes.

On the mainland, the most popular destinations for vacation are the cities of Rovinji and Dubrovnik.


Rovinj is located on the west coast of Istria. This city is particularly well-known for its marine biological station, which initially only served to collect marine animals, but over time has developed into an important station for exploring the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. Because of this and because of the many wrecks, Rovinji is not just a paradise for diversbut it is also an appealing area to vacation. In the city itself you can mainly visit the old town. The city center is located on a peninsula. There are also thirteen other islands. They are easy to reach by boat and are ideal for diving and swimming. The tourist offer includes a number of sporting activities such as diving, sailing, rowing, windsurfing and water skiing; but also bike paths and many sports fields are available.

Port city of Dubrovnik

Another destination for a vacation is the city of Dubrovnik, which is often referred to as the ” Pearl of the Adriatic ” and the “Croatian Athens”. The city is located in the south of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. If you spend your vacation in Dubrovnik, you have to visit the old town, which was included in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1979.

Plitvice National Park – Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes are the treasure trove of Croatia. The lakes glitter turquoise in the sunlight. Waterfalls tumble and the rapids roar. The unique natural landscape, which consists of 16 large and small lakes, has already inspired the producers of the Karl May films. In addition to the lakes, the Supljara pecina cave, which is located above Jezero Kaluđerovac, is known from the films. The Plitvice Lakes are the oldest and most famous national park in Croatia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The impressive natural landscape is worth a trip, which already inspired Pierre Brice and Lex Barker during the filming of The Treasure in Silbersee and Winnetou 2 and 3.

Island of Krk

Another very popular holiday destination is the island of Krk, the second largest island in the Adriatic. It is often called “the golden city” because of its natural wealth and has been connected to the mainland by a bridge since 1980 and can therefore be reached without a ferry. Most of the beaches on Krk are pebble beaches, but there are only a few sandy beaches A pure bathing holiday on these beaches, Krk also offers many options for excursions, such as the Biserujka cave in the east of the island or the small island of Kosljun.

Croatian cuisine

The Dalmatian cuisine is particularly popular with its fish specialties and grilled dishes such as Cevapcici, Raznjici or Pljeskavice.

Important facts

Capital: Zagreb

Official language: Croatian


Currency (sub-unit)

Kuna (100 Lipa)

ISO 4217 code

HRK / 191


Continent: Europe

Region: south

Geo coordinates: N 45 ° 5 ’60 ” E 15 ° 11′ 60″

Highest mountain: Dinara (1,830 m)

Total area: 56,542 km²

Mainland: 56,414 km²

National border: 2,185 km

Coastline: 5,835 km


Dependency: Yugoslavia until 1991

UN member since: 1992


Croatia GDP - gross domestic product

Export goods: Wine, olive oil, petroleum

BSP: $ 36,447,000,000

GDP: $ 38,979,400,000

GDP purchasing power parity: $ 58.720 billion

Economic growth: 4.2%

GDP share of agriculture: 6.4%

GDP share of industry: 31.5%

GDP share of services: 62.1%

Inflation rate: 3.8%

Unemployment: 18.2%

State budget revenue: $ 4294967295

State budget expenditure: $ 4294967295

National debt: 52.4%

Export: $ 12.7 billion

Import: $ 21,330,000,000

Foreign debt: $ 33.54 billion

Gold and currency reserves: $ 9,140,000,000

Electricity consumption: 18,740 million KWh

Gas reserves: 24,720 million m³

Gas production: 2,160 million m³

Gas consumption: 3,260 million m³

Oil reserves: 94 million m³

Oil production: 20,500 million m³

Oil consumption: 98,000 million m³

Cultivation area: 27.95%

Bovine: 465,000 pieces

Pigs: 1,417,000 pieces

Sheep: 620,000 pieces

Fishing: 40,000 t

Demographic data

Residents: 4,494,800

Residents in cities: 2,672,000

Average age: 40.3 years

0-14 years: 16.2%

15-64 years: 67%

> 65 years: 16.8%

Population growth: -0.03%

Birth rate: 9.61 / 1,000 residents

Death rate: 11.48 / 1,000 residents

Migration: 1.58 / 1,000 residents

Ratio men / women: 0.93

Fertility: 1.4 Children / woman

Infant mortality: 6.72 ‰

Life expectancy men: 71.03 years

Life expectancy women: 78.53 years

Country codes and abbreviations

ISO 3166 Alpha 2: MR

ISO 3166 Alpha 3: HRV

ISO 3166 numeric: 191

Top Level Domain: Mr

IOC country code: CRO


Source: Abbreviationfinder


Telephone connections: 2,173,000

Cell Phones: 2,876,000

Radios: 1,580,000

TV: 2,121,000

Computer: 1,810,000

Internet users: 2,540,000


Railway lines: 2,726 km

Paved roads: 24,473 km

of which expressways: 869 km

Cars: 1,586,000

Merchant fleet (ships over 1,000 GRT): 72


Number of doctors: 11,650

Daily food intake: 2,800 kcal / resident

HIV- infected people: 200


Illiteracy: 1 %


Foundation: 925

Last sovereign since: 1991


Main religious group: Christians


Prison inmates: 3,000


Armed forces (troop strength): 19,000

Main battle tank: 310

Submarines: 1

Warplanes: 25th

Helicopter: 40

Defense Spending: $ 631,000,000