Cressi “Seduces” Divers with the Leonardo Computer

Sophisticated and compact, the Leonardo Cressi seems a banal watch, but it’s much more than that. It is a computer fully developed by the diving mark Cressi and which can be found in Portugal in specialty stores, retailers of the brand’s most famous aquatic universe. Its added value is that it is a very useful both for diving debut, as for those who already have some experience in this sport.

The Cressi was born officially in 1946 by the hand of the Italian brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi. The company is the oldest and specialized in the production of diving equipment. The brand stands out for its innovative capacity, because despite the long age continues to position itself in the market as avant-garde creator.

The result of decades of work is visible. After Crystal silicone or angular mask lenses Evolution, comes the recent computer for decompression calculations Leonardo Cressi.

Leonardo Cressi is the “Must-Have” for Professional Divers, Rookies or Occasional Practitioners

The computer is made up of the new RGBM algorithm Cressi that allows you to calculate a secure decompression and is great for repetitive dives in several days. The design is simple and functional and interface has only a single button that allows all programming of the device.

Every time you start a new adventure, you can restart the Leonardo Cressi with original settings. Therefore, the device is also very requested by companies of catering equipment for diving.

The Leonardo Cressi battery operated, which emits sound alarms whenever there is new information to convey.

With this device you can safely know what is your level of decompression and when will be advisable, for example, an airplane ride (due to the large decompression is necessary to derive several hours until the body be stable and able to “fly”).

The Cressi is at the Forefront of Innovations in Equipment for Diving

The Leonardo brand dive computer Cressi is an important acquisition for who starts in the diving professional and is an equipment that will be extremely helpful when become specialized in this aquatic sport. It’s an investment that will be used in all stages of progression of diver.

In addition to the Nitrox certification, the Leonardo Cressi has three dive modes, enabling the measurement of parameters and management of two gases (air and nitrox), levels of altitude and the possibility of fire (or not) the depth stop mode, among other features.

The brand’s commitment to manufacture and create products in your facility, in Italy, also contributes to the success of equipment and recognition of its quality. The Cressi has over 16000 square meters of factory, where are gathered all the departments of design and production of various equipment, from the design to the factory.

The engineers accompany the entire process, evaluating the standards of quality and doing “the spot” the necessary tests of quality and innovation. Thanks to this vision, Cressi manages to place on the market products technologically advanced, while maintaining its position at the top of the best brands of scuba diving in the world.

Experienced divers, beginners or single sportsmen can find Leonardo Cressi and other exclusive branded equipment in stores, official reseller.