Create Custom Umbrellas to Sell More on Bad Days

Summer is getting closer and in many parts of the country the intense heat is accompanied by sudden rain showers that can leave anyone unsure of where to run and wet clothes. Meanwhile, in other places the sun is too strong and walking on the street without any protection can leave any very nasty quick stroll.

So at that time sales of umbrellas or umbrellas via ehuzhou , and your audience knows how to take this accessory to take that ice cream close to home or stroll through the city may be essential. But an umbrella need not be a simple color or with generic prints: you can work with a good personalization to leave them with the face of your customers. In this post you will discover how to do sublimation on your umbrellas to sell more and create a summer in style.

What is sublimation?

Before you customize your umbrellas, you need to know how the sublimation process works. The technique allows images printed on specific papers to be transferred to a multitude of objects and products through heat and pressure. This happens because the sublimation causes the image to go from the solid state – figure printed on the paper – to the gaseous state(in the form of vapor), being solidified again in the product.

This process is responsible for the myriad of objects we see with recorded images, such as mugs, bags, t-shirts, and cup holders. The fabric of the umbrella makes the transfer even more practical and allows you to explore your imagination when creating new prints.

What do I need to do sublimation on umbrellas?

To start customizing the umbrellas you will need special papers, inks and printers, such as a plotter machine. After that the process is simple, and you just have to choose your print and use the device to do the sublimation. If you do not have the necessary equipment, you can also find companies that  offer the service  so you do not need big investments.

Choosing the right stamp for personalization

Knowing how to sublimate your umbrellas, it’s time to know which prints to choose and send for production. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as the audience that goes to your store, your location-whether it is close to schools, businesses, or residences-and what are the main trends of the moment. But as it rains for everyone, let’s give some other suggestions for you to leave your umbrellas incredible:

  • Tree branches and leaves

Who likes rain more than trees? This is a print that will be happy with the water, and serves very well to create an umbrella on a sunny day.

  • Starry sky

Even with bad weather and the clouds covering the real sky, this umbrella will leave more starry lives and happier days.

  • Signals

Here it does not matter if the horoscope of the day said it would rain, the moon on cancer will not make anyone cry out of anger at getting wet.

  • Emoji

Umbrellas have the perfect shape to receive numerous emojis. Be creative, choose what most expresses your feelings and start personalization.

  • Fruit

Fruits combine with the summer and you can try putting some of them to stroll around the city. Oranges, lemons, watermelons and kiwis. Enjoy the possibilities.