Costa Rica Country Description

Costa Rica Country Description

Many travelers who have visited Costa Rica call it the most beautiful country in the world. Needless to say, not without reason. In this camp there are endless mountain ranges covered with rare “cloud” and “rain” forests, numerous national parks, reserves and volcanoes, exotic black sand beaches, noisy waterfalls – and the list goes on. Isn’t it a paradise for ecotourists?


According to topschoolsintheusa, the climate in the country is subequatorial. Two seasons can be distinguished: dry – from December to April and rainy – from May to November. On the plateau, the average temperature throughout the year is about +20..+22 °C, and in mountainous areas it can be up to +10 °C (with possible frosts in winter). On the coast of the Caribbean Sea and in the south of the Pacific coast, the temperature fluctuates between +27.. +33 ° C, there is practically no difference between day and night temperatures. The best time to visit the country is the dry season, from December to April.


The beaches on the shores of Costa Rica are sandy, and the sand on them comes in a variety of shades – from white and gold to silver and even black. Almost everyone has their own peculiarity and “specialization”. Guanacaste beaches: Playa del Coco is great for scuba diving, Playa Flamingo is great for sport fishing, Tamarindo is great for surfing, Playa Conchal has amazing white sand, and Playa Grande is where sea turtles lay their eggs. Other popular beaches in Guanacaste are Playa Nosara, Playa Carillo and Playa Hermosa. In the south of the Pacific coast, two resort areas stand out – Jaco and Punta Leona. Jaco’s beaches are famous for their nightlife and are suitable for surfing. On the Atlantic Ocean, not far from Puerto Limon, the beaches of Portet and Bonita are popular.

Cuisine and restaurants

The national cuisine of the country is a hellish (in a good sense of the word) mixture of Spanish and Indian cuisines. Its basis is rice, black beans, meat, vegetables and spices. There are usually not so many spices in the dishes themselves, most often they are served separately in the form of a sauce. A variety of fresh vegetable salads, rice with vegetables and meat, rice cooked in coconut milk, meat in banana leaves are very popular. Fried and baked bananas are often served as a side dish, as well as a mixture of rice and vegetables. Be sure to try the baked fish “a la plancha”, shells “conchas” and pies stuffed with beef, cheese or chicken “arreglados”. The most popular alcoholic drink in the country is the local rum varieties Centenario, Abuelo, Cacique and Platino. Also, do not ignore Cafe Rica coffee liqueur and light Imperial, Bavaria or Pilsen beers.

Costa Rica Hotels

The hotel base in the country is very diverse – there are 4-5 star hotels that meet all international standards, and small hotels or bungalows. Mains voltage 110-120 V, 60 Hz. Sockets are mostly of the American type, but sometimes you can also find “European standard”.

Shopping and stores

Most shops are open from 9:00 to 20:00, usually with a lunch break from 12:00 to 14:00. The most popular local souvenirs are all kinds of handicrafts: T-shirts, hammocks, bags, numerous figurines, as well as jewelry and products made from different types of wood and corals, wickerwork, dishes and vases. In addition, good coffee and unusual brands with images of butterflies, flowers and birds can be brought from the country.

Active holidays in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a huge number of opportunities for active pastime. For example, surfing is popular on the Pacific coast in Mal Pais, Santa Teresita, Playa Grande, Playa Jaco, Playa Carillo, Playa Hermosa, Playa Dominical and Playa Pabones, as well as in the calmer waters in the Playa area. – Tambor, Playa Naranjo, Playa Herradura and Playa Manzanillo. There is something for surfers to do on the Atlantic coast: suitable places can be found in the areas of Puerto Viejo (Salsa Brava and Cocles beaches) and Limon (Playa Bonita). The best time for the “big wave” is from July to August. Windsurfers should head to Lake Arenal, which is considered one of the best places on the planet to practice this sport. The best time is from April to December. Scuba divers can splash their fins on Caco Island and Isla Coca, coastal waters of the Pacific coast, as well as in Bahia Draka (Ballen Marine National Park) and Cahuita (Cahuita National Park). Enthusiastic anglers will enjoy the Pacific coast from Papagayo Bay to Golfito. And among thrill-seekers, rafting in inflatable boats along the rapids of the country’s mountain rivers is popular.

National parks

An impressive fact: a third of the territory of Costa Rica is occupied by various national parks and reserves. Moreover, this small country has 120 volcanoes, 70 of which are active. Their slopes are covered with tropical vegetation of the famous “cloud forests”, which are rapidly disappearing from the mountain flora of Central America.
The most visited parks in the country: La Amistad International Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, Itoi Serere, Corcovado, Rincón de la Vieja, Rara Eivís and Tortuguero parks, Caño Negro Forest Reserve, Carara, Kourou, Ostional reserves, Cabo Blanco, Marenco, Juan Castro Blanco and Santa Elena Forest, as well as the marine reserves of Marino Ballena and Isla del Coco, Chirripo National Park, Las Baulas National Park and Monteverde Nature Reserve.

10 reasons to go to Costa Rica

  • Volcanoes. Costa Rica is a country of active and dormant volcanoes. Feel the breath of hot lava during a safe excursion to the vent itself.
  • Canopy. Journey through the tops of palm trees is pure Costa Rican fun.
  • Diving is a journey into the underwater world. To say that he is rich in Costa Rica is to say nothing. It needs to be seen.
  • Surfing. Some beaches in Costa Rica guarantee the highest wave and the highest level of adrenaline.
  • Rafting. The pronounced mountainous terrain of Costa Rica with turbulent mountain rivers, rapids and waterfalls is ideal for active people who prefer an emotionally rich water holiday.
  • Tired of the noise? In secluded, wild lagoons, an excellent beach holiday, for one, for two and with a company. Choose which sand you prefer today – white, yellow or black.
  • Costa Rica is considered the best country in Central America in terms of tourist services. Here everyone will find a vacation according to their needs and pocket, from a five-star hotel overlooking an erupting volcano, to a hut on the shore.
  • Costa Rica, with its geographical position, makes it possible to fish and relax on two oceans at once – the Pacific and the Atlantic.
  • The unique nature of Costa Rica. This is 20% of all animal and plant species known on Earth, collected in one place.
  • Costa Rica is the country of eternal summer. Whenever you are going to come to us, the gentle ocean, warm sand and excellent bite are guaranteed.

Costa Rica Country Description