Concessionaire Lends Bicycle to Those Who Leave Car in Maintenance

Have you ever imagined taking the car to pack and get out pedaling? This was the idea implanted by Glauco Fiorante, commercial director of a concessionaire in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo. At the store, customers who leave the car for maintenance have the option of borrowing a bike to return home or stroll through the city.

Fiorante explains that the project was created quickly. He thought about it and thirty minutes later the idea had already taken shape for the Mitsubishi brand. Some obvious factors served as motivation, such as the fact that the director pedaled and the city of São José dos Campos was quite conducive to the rider. “In front of the dealership there is a bike lane,” he explained.

As all sustainable businesses should be, you need to think about the financial return on investment. “I thought about sustainability, the cost of the company and also the advertising,” says Fiorante, assuring that having bicycles running the brand through the city is a very good disclosure.

Operating for five months, the Pedala Virage carries out 25 to 30 bike loans per month.The shop has three bicycles and provides customers with safety equipment, such as helmet and padlock, in case they want to park in a public place. The company offers the structure and the customer needs to have only the will to pedal, guarantees the director.

The initiative was highly praised by the client Gina Marques. Unaware that the store offered this type of service, she took the car for maintenance and went back home pedaling, then shared the information with many of her friends. Fiorante informs that the use of the bicycle as a means of transport can reduce the costs of the company by ruling out the need to offer another car to customers, but above all, this is an efficient way of getting around.”70% of the people who use our service live less than five kilometers from the concessionaire,” he explains. In short distances, the bicycle is one of the most indicated means. Aside from having non-polluting, it also helps to keep health up to date.

To date, the São Paulo concessionaire is the only one that offers this type of service, but the idealizer of the proposal guarantees that it would be happy if other companies replicated the action and encouraged their customers to know and prove in practice the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation alternative.