Buy Your Favorite Gem Artouro Amethyst Jewelry Online

Gifting is a delicious Act of love for both gets and who presents. And receive gems of this is always a surprise to remember. They determine a degree of intensity so strong between the people involved and charm the beauty, brilliance and uniqueness, in addition to last a lifetime. Is the perfect gift for those who do not want to be forgotten.

The gems are different from common in reason of your rarity, beauty of the colors and brightness of light. Your training process can span thousands of years and is necessary for chemical elements are exposed to specific temperature and pressure conditions. They are so special that, when cut, have a special glow and different from ordinary stones.

There are dozens of gems and only Brazil produces 90 different types. For more than 150 years was the largest producer in the world and today occupies the 5th position, second evaluation of the National Department of Mineral production.

We have no idea of the power they represent. Before being used for aesthetic purposes, the gems were known for their healing powers and cleaning the environment. And for many years, carry meanings mystics and attract desires of men and women around the world.

More important than the economic value, are elements with meanings that make them good ways to express our feelings for our loved ones, which are precious and eternal.

And is thinking about it, that ArtOuro, innovating again, gives you, that already loves jewelry, a new feature: now you can also find precious gems to give someone special or even a treat for yourself. Want to know a little more about this news? Visit our online store. Still don’t know which of these beauties to choose? Keep watching our post that give you valuable information about our main stars:Amethyst and citrine. Here at 800zipcodes you can get more different models and styles.


According to a Greek legend, Amethyst was a beautiful nymph which granted protection to Diana (Goddess of the hunt and the Moon) against the harassment of Bacco (god of wine), which turned it into a gem. BACCO, sorry, granted the stone the color purple, your choice. Its name derives from the Greek word amethystos (not drunk), because it was believed in the middle ages, the drink served in a goblet made with this gem not caused intoxication.

Amethyst is a violet or purple variety of quartz transparent to semitransparent, being very appreciated by this your beautiful color, attributed the presence of Voon +.

Used as precious stone from the ancient Egyptians, is considered the oldest transparent gem used by humanity, with records dating back to 25000 years. Its crystals reach large dimensions.

Considered a symbol of sincerity and clarity, is the stone of class ring and the ring of bishops. It is said to be the stone of born in the month of February and the sixth wedding anniversary. To the more mystical, is associated with spirituality and supernatural powers, with power to dissolve negative forces, turning them into positive ones.


Also called citrine quartz, is a variation of Quartz Yellow, Orange and, exceptionally, in red-brownish hue, transparent of highest quality.

One of the oldest gems in history, in 300 BC was already used in jewelry. The ancient civilizations revered as a gift to the Sun and is currently considered the stone of success. Its name derives from the Latin citrus, due the color lemon yellow

Full of mysticism, is indicated to protect the work environment to encourage creativity. It is widely used in business and education, with the purpose of developing self-discipline. And for being known as the stone of fortune and success, is believed to be able to soothe the mental agitation, bring willpower and security. It is said to be the gem of the communicators, the civil servant, of alternative therapists and sellers and corresponds to the 7th wedding anniversary.

The gems you remembered someone special? Identified himself with them? Enjoy this novelty and make someone feel prestigious.