Bridesmaid Dresses-Green Dresses for BeyoncÉ ‘S Style Wedding

Check Out 5 Bridesmaid Dresses In Green-Inspired Party Dress Used By The Diva Beyonce!

Beyoncé rocks in red carpets around the world. This time, the venue for the diva shine was in Britain, in 2014, the Brit Awards British Grammy. This year Beyoncé already stood out in the Grammy Awards 2014, using a controversial dress (see lace party dress-Beyonce at the Grammy Awards 2014). This time, she wore a nice dress dark green that serves as inspiration for today’s post, titled bridesmaid dresses. Check out some options and hit the choice!

As has been said, this party dress can serve as inspiration for the bridesmaids choose their bridesmaid dresses, dark green color is ideal for these occasions more sophisticated. This cocktail dress has well adjusted to body contouring, highlighting the possible love handles. So, be careful with this type of modeling. In addition, the sparkles delineate the still body, leaving it even more diva!

Where To Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Similar To Cocktail Dress Worn By Beyonce At The Brit Awards 2014?

There are various shades of green that can be used in bridesmaid dresses, the lighter shades fit better to a wedding party in the daytime and darker shades give elegance to the godmother of a wedding night. Check below some options of bridesmaid’s dresses and knock his choice!

Bridesmaid Dresses Options
#1 Bridesmaid Dresses

From the bridesmaid dresses shown here, this is the boldest due to sequins. If you’re daring, this party dress will fall very well! In addition, other important elements are the crack, the strapless and super glued modeling. All these elements together contribute to leave the sexy look.

#2 Bridesmaid Dresses

From the bridesmaid dresses, this is the most clean, being the focus and modeling the rift. As you can see, the modeling of this party dress is looser than previous dress. In addition, the seam at the waist modeling region. This party dress is ideal for the sponsor that wants to opt for elegance and good accessories.

#3 Bridesmaid Dresses

Dresses for maid of honor, like the one shown above, have interesting elements that don’t go out of fashion. The modeling colada is one of those elements. The draped plus single handle also. That green dress is perfect for a bridesmaid that has small breasts, because the draped gives volume to the region.

#4 Bridesmaid Dresses

Among the bridesmaid dresses, this is the most delicate, even being in a dark green color. Notice that the markup on waist harmonises the look with the tulle dress, which is very fluffy. This is a Joker dress for those who are a bit overweight. However, the skirt should not be too full, not to give even more volume the silhouette.

#5 Bridesmaid Dresses

This bridesmaid’s dress is ideal for the woman who enjoys many details. Mermaid modeling is the focus of this dress, combined with the crack that softens. In addition, the draping and the sequins complete the look. No doubt, if you want to draw attention, this is the ideal dress.

Which Earrings Use And Match Bridesmaid Dresses?

In a look glamorous as those who will be made using the bridesmaid’s dresses above, it is important to invest in a nice earring. The most used colors are green himself, the gold and the silver. Below there are options of green earrings.