Brazilian Platform Uses Videos to Teach Programming for Free

There are several ways to learn online program without spending a penny. The problem is that much of it is in English and then translated into Portuguese. While none of these necessarily impedes learning, it may be easier to learn the material already created in our language and Brazilians.

The Course In Video fits there: created last year by Professor Gustavo Guanabara, it is free and offers more and more courses in IT.

Guanabara teaches for 20 years and, after serving from kindergarten to university and distance, had the idea to create a learning platform that uses video. All are less than 30 minutes and are available for free, so there’s no excuse to start studying something you’ve been putting off, right?

The video lessons are both in the Course In Video as the platform YouTube, and not need to register to watch them. But in doing so, you have some advantages like the ability to download supporting content packages that can help in their studies and exercises to train, plus get a valid certificate in Brazil at the end of each course – the platform counts the hours studied through it and when it comes to an end, allows the certificate to be downloaded.

Currently, there are courses HTML5 (with CSS3 and JavaScript) and algorithms available in the Video Course. In the coming weeks, PHP courses, Java and Photoshop will be on the site, with the first already scheduled to arrive: August 4. And, like all others, it is free.