Blur Cream – How It Works, Buy, Price

Where to buy, how It works and price for blur cream.

Taking care of the skin and especially the skin of the face this is not easy, but it is possible. Consulting a good dermatologist and taking care seriously since childhood makes the skin age less. In the latter case, there is the alternative of plastic surgery, which many women resort to when the effects of time become very visible and very uncomfortable. But a new product seems to solve all these problems in a simpler way. At least that’s what promises the so-called “Blur”. The product is a novelty in the market and has already become a craze abroad. It is an instantaneous smoothing cream that can be used on the face, neck and eye area and promises to rejuvenate the appearance in less than a minute. It’s like a “Photoshop” in the skin itself. ” Blur ” is not a moisturizer or makeup item as a foundation or primer. It is a cosmetic that promises to smooth and smooth the skin, disguising imperfections like lines of expression, facial stains, wrinkles, dilated pores and others. By being transparent, it can be used by any skin type and in any tone. Its application leaves the skin with a matte finish and can be used with or without makeup. Ideally, it should be applied after using the facial moisturizer. “Blur” offers good results because it is made with a high-tech particle technology that reflect light. These nanoparticles enter the imperfections of the skin, such as wrinkles and pores, and promote a filling, causing an optical effect. This technology makes the texture of the skin uniform, the price of blur creams can change because of the brand, the more affordable blur creams, buy at malls, virtual stores, and other places.

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