Bluetooth Technique to Optimize Traffic in Odense

Odense Municipality will with anonymous monitoring of mobilernes Bluetooth, optimize traffic on the beltway around the city.

Odense comes as the fifth largest city in Denmark, with on traffic monitoring system from Blip Systems, apart from passing cars with Bluetooth phones, can keep track of how traffic is currently progressing.

Sensors BipTrack mounted in the first place along the ring road, and to map travel times in traffic. The data can also be the basis for the adjustment of traffic light and reveal about traffic patterns suddenly changing.

The system will help to identify what impact it will have on traffic when thruough the way Thomas b. Thriges Gade, who cut through the center of town, next summer will be closed for car traffic.

Mobile owners need not be worried, because the monitoring is done completely anonymously.

BlipTrack is also used in Aarhus, Randers, Copenhagen and Køge.