Bautz Decorating Beauties, Tie Types

A jewel is the expression of the personality and also of the wishes of the wearer.A jewelry store succeeds in translating and composing a look with the most elegant, stylish, luxurious, differentiated and quality jewels that last for generations and generations, infinitely.

It is for this type of jewelery that Bautz – Jewelery Factory exists, manufacturing jewels that decorate the incomparable beauties of its clients, who repay with maximum fidelity to the exuberance of the high jewelery.

Differentiated quality, organization and innovation.
The factory behind the jewels

From the machinery to the specialized team, Bautz makes no effort to manufacture the best elaborated jewels and with international supplies.Certified Italian gold alloys and the finest gems of all colors and types guarantee creations much more than visual beauty.They guarantee the maximum quality of the market, found only in the best and most disputed factories of high jewelry of the world.

The Bautz – Jewelery Factory operates throughout the national territory and is divided into sectors that develop each stage of the manufacture of a jewelry. Organization and knowledge are linked to the best machinery available, imported from Italy, China, USA and Germany. Generating from unique and exclusive pieces to large scale production, always with the same quality standard and with ad aeternum guarantee.

Achieving your artistic genius

Bautz – Factory of Jewels has its own catalog of more than 2 thousand items.Beautiful jewels that follow national and international trends, offering to the jewelers an own design with lines that follow the fashion and traditional lines.

In addition, Bautz acts in the manufacture of collections created by great designers of Brazilian jewels who sign and sell to celebrities and high society.Difficult ideas for most manufacturers are realized at the Bautz plant, consolidating strong partnerships.

If you are a jewelry designer, you want to be or perceived some demand from your audience and dream of putting your ideas into practice with high sophistication, Bautz is prepared to be your partner, ensuring the best performance for your creations. Receiving them ready or helping you put on paper what your artistic genius creates. Without previous costs and deadlines, Bautz values ​​mutual trust relationships, which generate great success.

Personalized service at the height of the best customers

Bautz – Jewelery Factory believes that service is the beginning of a great partnership.That’s why customers are taken care of individually, calmly and receive full attention.So your demands are understood and deadlines are established with fidelity, so you can ensure great launches to your customers.

In addition, at Bautz’s headquarters there is maximum security, making your visit safe and comfortable.

Bautz, commitment to your success


Understand and meet the demands of partners.Exceed expectations.Help win customers loyalty through the perfection of jewelry.


Leading the Brazilian market for luxury jewelry manufacturing, expanding production.With this, to consolidate itself as a respected jewelry factory throughout the national territory and as a reference for quality and innovation.