Bangkok Hotel Tips

Bangkok Hotel Tips

Bangkok is one of the most expensive places in Thailand to stay, but you can also stay there cheaply. There are a few areas in Bangkok that are better for the accommodation than others, and it is important to pay extreme attention to the location. If you only feel comfortable in Bangkok for a couple of three days, you should stay overnight so that you can easily get to the airport or another station. If you spend at least four full days in Bangkok, which is recommended, you can stay in many different ways.

The best areas in Bangkok for accommodation are Banglamphu aka Khao San Road, Sukhumvit, Pratunam Market all the way to Siam Square and the area between Banglamphu and the Chinese Quarter near Sam Yot Subway Station.

Banglamphu 2

Price and availability

In Bangkok, you can sleep in a hostel dormitory room for a few euros. and there you can spend thousands of euros on a luxury hotel room. On average, the cheapest hotels and guesthouses with almost essential air conditioning in Bangkok cost just under € 20 and up, but this is cheaper to get a modest room with a fan.

A fairly normal price for a double room in a basic hotel or guesthouse is 30-50 euros, and 50 euros is really good value for money. Bangkok is an interesting city that many people completely immerse themselves in exploring, and it may not be worth investing too much in a hotel room.

There are a huge number of rooms in Bangkok, and you can only find a room there on the spot. If you travel there without reservation, you should go around Khao San Road, where there are numerous guesthouses that are not even in the reservation systems. However, without a reservation, the trip becomes more difficult, and it is best to book a room at least a couple of weeks and a month in advance during the Christmas holidays.

Amari Watergate Bangkok

The best areas for accommodation

Although Bangkok is a huge city, there are only a few areas worth staying in. The new metro stations have made some parts, such as the Chinese district, easily accessible, but Chinatown is not a good address for the hotel, as it is an extremely noisy and lively area where the shingles of many burn.

Banglamphu aka Khao San Road is a good area for accommodation for many different reasons. It offers all-inclusive rooms and bus connections from both airports. The only downside is that there is no way for the public to move from there to other parts. Admittedly, its surroundings are enough to explore for many days, and a taxi can take you to Pratunam or Siam Square for less than a hundred baht.

The areas next to Banglamphu, close to Sam Yot Metro Station, are moderately good blocks for accommodation. Khao San Road, Chinatown and the “old town” filled with attractions are within walking distance. The metro provides quick access everywhere and you can first go to the BTS station and go to the Airport Rail Link station from where you can get to the airport.

The areas along the BTS Skytrain and Airport Rail Link are good places to stay, and those who want a quick and cheap transfer from the airport to the hotel can look for a hotel near stations such as Phay Thai, Ratchaprarop or Makkasa.

Makkasan is part of the Sukhumvit district, which is one of the most popular places for the hotel, and it is worth staying there either near Makkasan station, Sukhumvit metro station or near Sukhumvit Road BTS stations, so getting around the city is smooth with public transport. The metro station is especially worth a stay for those who plan to leave for the rest of Thailand by train, as the train station can be reached by metro.


Khao San Road is Banglamphu’s most famous street, and definitely the worst street in the area for lodging. It’s a noisy and lively street with only tourists, and while you can stay along it at a reasonable price, it’s better to stay some distance away from it. One of the downsides of the street is that if you get there with your luggage in the evening, the street is so crowded that going to the hotel is one run down the alley.

Another well-known street is Soi Rambuttri, which is a somewhat better street for accommodation than its more well-known neighbor. Its main sites are the Ibis , which is not very affordable but which is at least right on the skull site and high quality. The best point on the street for affordable accommodation is those closer to the river around bends, with numerous affordable inns and hostels. There is plenty of choice, and if you want to be a little out of reach of the noise, you should stay outside of the street next to the bars. Just across the street are a couple of good quality accommodations, of which Mango Lagoon Place is good for those who want to be by the pool. BB House Rambuttri 2 is an adult-style hotel for less than 700 baht.

The quietest and perhaps best places to stay in Banglamp are the canal and the Sumen Fort on the other side. It’s an extensive block of blocks with a short walk around Khao San Road, but it’s a whole different area. It also has lively sections with noisy bars, but for the most part it’s a quiet, village-like place. One of the well-liked, upscale accommodations there is The Bang Khun Prom Suites , within walking distance of many locations and close to all possible amenities.

Elsewhere in Banglamp, the so-called Democracy Monumentin there are hotels around, but the streets are busy and polluted. However, it is a short walk around Khao San Road and Leelard Pier, which provides access to Pratunam, many attractions and Sam Yot Subway Station. One good hotel on these corners is the Dinsomon Hotel .

Sam Yot subway station

If you want to be close to the main attractions, the Chinese district, Banglamphua and the subway station, there is a kind of old business center next to Sam Yot subway station. The area has all the services, you can walk to many places and you can quickly get to different places by metro and you can also get to BTS stations.

Right next to the metro station, the Cacha Bed is a quality accommodation, but you can usually get a room for less than 40 euros. A little further from the subway station, Boho is just 700 meters from Wat Pho and many other major attractions.

Ratchathewi and Siam Square

Siam Square is one of Bangkok’s most famous and busiest intersections, but the roads are on many levels and it is not as bustling a place as some parts of Sukhumvit. The area is known for its shopping malls, it is easy to get there from the airport and BTS trains take you to many places and also to the metro and Airport Rail Link. However, the area is occupied by massive shopping malls and traffic ramps and not to everyone’s liking, and there are also plenty of affordable hotels.

Siam Square itself has few hotels, but there are a considerable number of them near Ratchathewi Station within walking distance. There are all kinds of accommodation in the area, from hostels to cheap inns and fine hotels. There are plenty of different places to eat and spend the evening in the area, and there is no need to go anywhere else to eat or spend the evening. There are also dozens of shopping malls nearby, making it a good area for those who don’t want to get out of the humid heat while watching shopping.

If you want style but don’t pay for it to hurt yourself, Evergreen Place Siam is one option next to Ratchathewi Station. If you want to spend the night in a luxury atmosphere, the VIE Hotel Bangkok is close to the same BTS station . Its fitness center and pool have received much praise.

Soi Rambuttri in the Banglamphu area


Pratunam is a crossroads within walking distance of Siam Square, with a lot of international and local atmosphere nearby. There are many different places to eat, there are numerous shopping malls, the Airport Rail Link station is close to the area and you can get there even by canal boat or from Ratchaprarop station to Phay Thai with BTS station. It is not worth staying in the deep waters of the market area, even though there are the cheapest hotels in the area. They are hard to find, and the alleys of Pratunam are so lively that moving there is nerve-wracking.

Right next to the Airport Rail Link station, the PR Place Hotel is an affordable yet high-quality hotel. If you want to spend your night in style, swim in the pool and enjoy the fitness center’s steam room, Amari Watergate Bangkok is an excellent hotel located along the area’s main road.


Sukhumvit is known for its great hotels, but there are many different places to stay. Sukhumvit is an area with little local atmosphere, and it is a real lively area of ​​a large metropolis with an incomprehensible amount of traffic but also all the services.

If you want to make the transfer to the airport easier, you should stay close to Makkasan Station. However, it is some distance from Sukhumvit’s main locations, and there isn’t very much nightlife nearby, for example. It is noteworthy, however, that there is a Phetchaburi subway station near Makkasan, which provides quick access to Sukhumvit’s main locations, the Chinese district or near Khao San Road. Right next to the Airport Rail Link station, FX Hotel Metrolink Makkasan is upscale but one of the most affordable accommodation in the area.

Another convenient area with good transport links is the intersection of Asok Montri Street and Sukhumvit Road. There are several BTS stations along Sukhumvit Road, so you can stay elsewhere along it, but this intersection is the main location of the whole district. If you don’t want to be right next to the intersection or pay too much, Red Planet Asoke is a good place to stay. However, if you want to swim on the rooftop and enjoy excellent services, The Continental Hotel Bangkok is one of the great and great hotels in the area.

Hotels in other areas:

Bangkok has hotels in almost every district, and you can stay there in a variety of areas.

Staying near the airport can only be recommended for those staying at an expensive hotel right next to the airport. Many of the accommodations near the airport, some of which are affordable, have as long a distance to the airport as from Makkasan station on the Airport Rail Link, and a taxi ride becomes more expensive. If what you’re looking for is a conveniently located hotel in Suvarnabhumi , look no further than Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel .

If you want to stay in one of Bangkok’s most famous hotels, which was also one of the first hotels in Asia, there is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which is suitable for those who like luxury and those for whom a room worth a few hundred euros does not make a dent in their travel bag.

If you want to stay on the main street of the Chinese district, close to the subway station and at an internationally famous address, the Grand China Hotel is one option. It is no longer a luxury hotel, but on the other hand you can get a room for a little over fifty.