Apple Secures iPhone Agreement with World’s Largest Telecom Operator

Now, the popular smartphone is sold to a customer base that is 7 times larger than Apple’s largest.

Apple has long had a hard time reaching into the Chinese market, due to competition from the so-called “low-end” smartphones.

Signature from the world’s largest
Now has the world’s largest telecom operator China Mobile, with a customer base of 700 million, signed agreement with Tim Cook and co. It writes the Wall Street Journal

Verizon Wireless, which at this point is Apple’s largest partner in the United States, has only one-seventh of the amount of customers as China Mobile can offer.

Networks blame for delays
Agreement have been underway, and China Mobile has in the past would have their hands on the popular smartphone.

Apple, however, has been eagerly awaited because of the operator’s old, unstable networks.

The public launch of the agreement, would reportedly take place around 18. December, when China Mobile already faces a launch of their new 4 g network.

There should, therefore, be possible for iPhone sales could get a massive boost when there finally will be access to the largest market in the world.