Apple Presented The New Iphone 7, Wireless Airpod And The Apple Watch Series 2

Apple has recently once again burned a whole product Fireworks and presented the latest iPhone models. New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 were shown during the yesterday’s keynote that plus.

Also saw the Apple Watsch series 2 the light of day. Still, the iPhone sales include Apple’s most important pillar of the company. So, even the new iPhone 7 for engaging paragraphs to provide. We have collected the most interesting facts.

Iphone 7 And Iphone 7 Plus

Apple has proven iPhone 6 design for the new iPhone models on that. Beforehand, it was clear that Apple would present a design revolution. This is also not bad, finally, also like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus very visually. Rather, it is the “invisible” subtle innovations that allow the new iPhone once again become a top Smartphone. ZuBeginn of the presentation was Apple rather quickly to the point and shot ahead with the iPhone.


IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is now waterproof and has an IP67 certification. It can be so supposedly with the iPhone a half an hour in one meter deep bath water without any damage.Apple moved the antenna Strip further towards the edge, so that they are even less.


When the display resolution’s left Apple in the previous values, however, the screens should be 25 percent brighter and show more color. The values approach so felt on which the iPad pros.However, Apple has refused the use of a true tone display.

Also in the sizes, Apple has remained faithful to himself. The iPhone 7 comes with a 4.7-inch display and the iPhone 7 plus with a 5.5 inch display.


Another difference between the new Apple iPhone represent the cameras. IPhone 7 Apple 12 has installed MP MP camera on the back and a 7 front-facing camera. The iPhone 7 plus has been equipped with a dual camera as the main camera. This allows even a 2-time optical zoom. Both iPhone models include an optical image stabilizer.

Iphone 7 Video Clip

In the future, this iPhone devices be can snap back amazing pictures. Plus the two cameras of the iPhone 7 incidentally each have a resolution of 12 MP. As already feared, Apple reduced the connections with the new versions of the iPhone one exactly. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is gone.So now the supplied ear pods using the lightning cable are connected to the iPhone. Without cable, Apple’s new Bluetooth air pods come out. They beat but with 179 euro extra to beech.

New Home Button

Another new feature is the redesigned Home button that can interpret gestures now and was equipped with Apple’s force technology. The home button performs different commands depending on the intensity of pressure and is back with haptic feedback through vibrations. Apple has once again added also in battery life. On the website, the company from Cupertino writes that it is iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus models among the iPhones with the longest battery life.


And most recently the processor: A10 merger calls Apple the new quad-core high-tech chip, which provides for good benchmark results and simply just mega fast makes the new iPhones. In comparison to the A9 processor that works in the iPhone 6 s, is it iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus 40 percent faster. The graphics power should have improved by 50 percent.

Price And Availability

The new iPhone 7 you can spar with the phone already here order. Apple itself also accepts the first pre-order in our online-shop. Officially there to buy the new iPhone models from the 16th of September. With the launch of the new generation of iPhone 7, Apple has buried by the way also the 16 GB version. The devices are available from 32 GB size. The iPhone 7 starts at 759 euros and the iPhone 7 plus at 899 euros.

Wireless Air Pods And The Apple Watch Series 2

Apple CEO Tim Cook called yesterday evening a few more numbers, praised the developments and showed the usual single player. In addition to the new iPhone models there to see still the wireless air pods. About Apple’s Bluetooth headset was in the advance already lively speculation. Yesterday, the parts were then presented. Regardless of that the 179 euro – the Apple for the Airpods are anschlägt-quite juicy, the design is already heavily ridiculed. “White-painted French fries” is in the network. Bluetooth headphones are quite even nicer. It looks even a little afterwards as Apple’s Chief Designer Jonny Ive just cut off the cable.

The new Apple Watch is water resistant to 50 meters and therefore now finally also comes with a GPS module. This makes the series 2 more independent from the iPhone. Distances, routes and co can now be awarded without coupled iPhone. The navigation works now also independently. In battery life, Apple kept covered, so arguably the Apple Watch series 2 needs to be charged daily.Apple, however, has neatly given gas at the display of the new Smartwatch. The Apple-watch all competing models continues with a luminance of 1000 nits. And then the announcement was hailed as a last highlight go for the Apple Watch Pokemon.

Apple Watch Series 2 Video Clip

Otherwise, there are some faster hardware, new bracelets and from 13th September also WatchOS3. Price starts the Apple Watch of second-generation from 419 euros. Pre-orders are accepted already, the official market launch takes place on September 16 in 25 countries.