Apple Must Be Forced to Use Micro-Usb

The EUROPEAN UNION will force Apple to use micro-USB, instead of their own lightning-connector for charging phones and iPads.

A universal charger that fits all mobile phones and tablets, should be introduced in order to reduce costs and waste.

It suggested the EU’s Committee of the internal telecommunications market last Thursday.

-“We call on the Member States and manufacturers to introduce a universal charger that should put an end to, among other things, cable clutter by mobile phones and tablets,” says Barbara Weiler from the European Parliament on Thursday in a press release.

With this proposal the EUROPEAN UNION apparently goes directly after American Apple, who as one of the only uses a different default a micro-USB.

Apple has most recently developed their lightning Jack, however, exists with an adaptor to the micro-USB.But it is apparently not enough for the EUROPEAN UNION, which will now legislate in this area.