Apple Censor Danish Comics

Drew pee men and little girls in Danish comics is too sassy for Apple.

Apple is once again ended up in a spotlight on the company’s odd relationship with nudity. It is namely not only naked men and women in the Peter Øvig Knudsens Hippie books that show too much skin after the U.S. company’s taste. Now comics also removed from Apple’s app store. It writes our site.

This year alone at least 59 comics was removed or rejected by Apple, and two of these comics is Rune t. Kidde’s Literary straight Classics and Piss huen.

According to our site, the two comics, however, available on Apple’s iBooks store, but Apple has however refused to sell comics at the company’s appstore, where they will be sold as part of the application, comics, which is an application with the Danish comic releases. 

The release contains nude photos, which might seem offensive, which has got Apple to reject sales of application. On the iBooks store comics must however well sold, but they appear however, not under the category of comics.

-“Apple is super Puritan on consumers ‘ behalf. It ends up that we only have the mainstream and obedient comics back, and it’s really too bad, says Jan K, “Chairman of the Association of Danish comic book creators to

Our site has asked Apple why Denmark a cartoon can be validated on Apple’s iBooks store but not at the same time, be approved for sale in the company’s App store, but it has not succeeded in our site to get a comment from the company.