Apparatus and Chalk Ball: Two Sets of Constructions and Ingenuity to Your Android

Often the games developed for a Mobile can also be played in a Tablet. We found the problem because both devices have different screen resolutions and graphic finishing can be affected in any of them, except that the developers have foreseen this possibility. On this occasion I will recommend games Apparatus y Chalk Ball, because in addition to being quite addictive responded superbly in both devices.


Apparatus It is a game that consists of placing a small ball (or balls) in a bowl. To do so, at every level, we will provide a series of materials and tools to achieve this and we will have to make use of our ingenuity to the ball ends up in the container. Materials can be combined between them and as they advance levels we build machines to complete the mission.

Their graphics are of type 3D, so are very well designed to work perfectly on the screen of a mobile phone with low resolution, as in the a Tablet screen (an Asus Eee Pad in my case). In addition to achieve better performance in mobile with few resources can turn off the music and sounds.

In the trial version, we have many levels to complete and decide if it is worth paying for the full version. There is an area of the game where we can create our own levels, but only you can record them with the full version. In the paid version we also have the possibility to load levels created by other users, in the purest style of the game Little Big Planet for PS3.

The game is very addictive and will test your wits. In the following video you can see the first levels and how to play.

Chalk Ball

With Chalk Ball We must ensure that our ball, based rebounds, go to eliminating the maximum of possible obstacles in the purest Arkanoid style. The scenario is a slate and we will have to our chalk drawing platforms to get our ball not down and that Furthermore you collisions with other.

There are two game modes. In the way history you have to get hit the star through different scenarios. In arcade mode, the objective is to put up as much as possible, that is, to get the maximum number of points. As an extra we can Download bottom themes to give a different touch to the slate and turn it into a notebook of all (the topics are extra).

Some balls will give us more chalk, to be able to complete the level, or to continue hitting more balls and overcome your score record. The more that your stroke more chalk spend, so careful with savings. This game It utilizes the Open Heit for classifications, so you can see what your level front to compare them with your friends or other players.

I leave you with a video, with texts in English, where they explain very well its operation.

Apparatus Lite Version 0.94

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Bithack AB
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free / € 1.11
  • Category: Android games

It builds a complex machine to carry out the task of moving one or more balls to the goal.

Chalk Ball Lite Version 1.2

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: The Pill Tree
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free / €1,49
  • Category: Android games

Draws, get your ball hit each other and not let it fall. It is a new concept of rebounds game. Draws with chalk, but be careful because it will not last long. Don’t drop your ball and smashing it with the others to retrieve chalk. Easy to learn but difficult to master.