Android Users Get Finally the Critically Acclaimed Badland

In the busy Christmas racing there may be a need to relax with a game. A good bet might be Badland, which is now available in Google Play Big.

The game is a side-scrolling action Badland game that has gotten great reviews, including Apple Design Award 2013.

Now the game has been available for Android at Google Play Big and offers plenty of free content. It writes our stie.

Graphic impresses
The game is visually built up over 2 layers. In the foreground there is the beautiful, black siluetter of obstacles you have to go through.

In the background there is the colourful nature with liquid gameplay ensures a high entertainment value.

The game offers the first 40 courses free of charge.You also may need for acquisitions of more courses, or purchase of multiplayer-package via “buy in apps”.

All extra purchases also removes advertisements.