Android TV Would Be Confirmed According to The Developer of Riptide GP2

This afternoon is expected Google I/O 2014, which retransmitiremos live with all the innovations that Google we will offer one of the most anticipated events of the year. With respect to the event there are countless rumors which could be the novelties in the Gogole ecosystem, one of them being Android TV.

Although rumor has because because it is virtually confirmed that to be announced and we are waiting for the official announcement with all the news. A big question that arose in this regard is if soprotaria more than videos and music, as for example games. The response? Seems to be Yes.

According to the developer of Riptide GP2, Android TV could bear games one way or another. At least it is what it says in the news, who say that as well

Support for split screen (Android TV)Setting safe zone (Android TV)

Apparently it wouldn’t be rare Android TV connect with tablets and mobile devices and is not a simple mirroring of the terminal screen. This would give standing to a console where the controls are the motives of each person, although this is speculation in the absence of details, although it would not be interesting sis and well implemented.