Advice and Tips for Those Who Want to Babyjogga

Jeanette G recently heard of themselves via our Facebook page and asked us about some tips on buying a stroller for jogging. We are therefore to repost a revised article from the newspaper because we believe many current parents have the same concerns.

Babyjogger is a fantastically clever invention where you can combine business with pleasure: to run while being with your child. Can it get any better? The benefits are many. Disadvantages so few that they are insignificant.

It is hugely rewarding for the child to get to meet people and be involved in different environments. Have the man with the child in trainings and competitions so the little fast both social and adaptable. As a parent, you get the unique combination of training, fellowship and unity with the child.

To be able to practice their sport together with the child is wonderful fun. It doesn’t have to be running, but also, for example, cycling and skiing. To run with babyjogger gives natural and good strength training. Especially if it is hilly. It is possible to run with the cart on other than asphalt. For example, wide paths and gravel roads.

The child can become your best coach. And slave drivers. To go fast like most kids are fun, so under constant cheering you can train incredibly hard. It is also reassuring for the child to ride in the cart. The large wheels makes it a rhythmic rocking. Don’t be surprised if your child falls asleep.

The cart is also a good way to ship things. Ultralöparen Rune Larsson used a babyjogger for his pack during the long running tour across the United States. For example, you can include liquids, camera, binoculars, food and extra clothes. The child and you automatically get lots of fresh air and new sights on your trips together.

It is easy to transport. Just to snap off the tires and fold the stroller following The training provides relief for the other parent that can get some free time while you hit two birds with one stone and trains at the same time as you are with your children.

There are really no, but there are some things you should keep in mind: try the handles are right. Are you short or long, they sometimes end up at the wrong height. It might make it a little harder and obekvämare to run.

Before you have learned the technique, it can be difficult to run quick distance and intervals, but the technology train you up soon. You can only commute with one arm at a time. Be sure to replace the pendulum-arm at regular intervals so that you do not puts a sidelong strain on your body.

Cooling becomes much worse for the child who sits still. Be sure to use warm and windproof clothing. There are good rain protection and travel bags. Ski goggles and Balaclava under his cap and sunglasses and baseball cap in summer is good.

Be sure to show up. Equip yourself and your child with reflective vests and head torches. The cart should be equipped with a lamp and reflector on the wheels. Always use the safety strap. It will be a downhill, cart, extra speed and you can not keep up with. Ensure that the child is securely fastened with three-point safety belt, or, better still, five-point harness. Show respect when you run, especially during the contest.

Some tips
Remember that everything is done on the child’s condition. Start with short trips. Maybe just around the block first times. Partly because the child must learn to go forwards and partly because it will be something fun and enjoyable-not tedious and slow.

Because children are different, it is difficult to say a certain age when you can start. Around nine months old wont work. A rule of thumb you can follow is that the length of time the child can sit yourself on a floor represents the time one can run. But start as said was carefully and always check how your child is doing.

After all, if the child becomes bored. Stop and do something else for a while. Take, for example, with a bag of stale bread and feed the birds for a while. Buy an ice cream or gather cones. Make träninen to an excursion. A short break allows the child to think it’s fun when you drive off again.

Wash and dry the pram if you run in bad weather. Lubricating any Handbrake with a little oil. Wash travel bag regularly. Just to snap off and run in the washing machine. Bring extra change of clothes and any diapers. Please bring a thermos with lukewarm water. It is possible to mix both baby formula, juice and tea in a tightly sealed bottle or mug.

To think about when purchasing
As with most everything else we buy there is a jungle of different products and brands. Prices can vary greatly depending on whether you are buying a used or new babyjogger, and if you choose to.

Generally you can say that a used costing from about 1500-2000 dollars and a new around 5000-6000 crowns. On the NET there are good sites to look at. Used, for example, are on the block.

Will you go abroad? Check out there. In the United States costs such as a new only half against here. There are several places online where you can order. The downside is that you can’t test it before.

Some carriages called running trolleys but it isn’t really. Often they have small wheels and then rolls the cart a lot worse. The wheels should be at least 16, preferably 20 inches. 10-12 inch tires. Sometimes it can be a bit bigger rear wheel which is no drawback.

Make sure that the dealer show you how to remove the wheels and folding the stroller in a smooth way. There are also trailers for two and three children. Some models can be built on and have more sports. For example, put on skis instead of wheels, remove one wheel and attach to the bike or change it to a smaller front wheel so that you can have it in town.

There are carts with hoods that have both Windows and windshields and as with many other things, is the offerings of various accessories. How about for example bags, bottle holder, blankets of all kinds, candies and food carrier, various inserts, pads, diaper bags, strollometer, speaker for i-Pod, lock, umbrella and custom designed bag to cart?

Examples of brands
Babyjogger BOB Bugaboo Quinny Strollers Dreamerdesign InStep Schwinn