About Slovakia

About Slovakia

The small size of Slovakia did not become an obstacle to the fact that numerous natural beauties managed to fit on its territory. The famous mountain systems of the Carpathians, Javornika, vast forest areas. Karst areas and hot springs will be the best place for outdoor activities and ecotourism, and ancient cities will undoubtedly be of interest to history buffs. At the moment, the tourist potential of Slovakia is not fully appreciated, but still this place remains the best ski resort in winter, and in summer it is a wonderful historical area, a place for active sports and treatment, as there are more than 1400 mineral springs in the country.

Geography of Slovakia

According to itypejob, Slovakia is located in the central part of Eastern Europe. More than half, namely 80% of its territory lies at an altitude of more than 750 meters above sea level. The relief is dissected by numerous river valleys and mountain systems of the Carpathians and Tatras.

The capital



The area of Slovakia is 48,845 km. sq., occupies the 126th place in the world by area.


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The national currency is the euro (EUR).


The official language is Slovak.

Visa to Slovakia

It is impossible for citizens of Russia and the CIS to visit Slovakia without a Schengen visa. To obtain a visa, you must contact the Consulate General of Slovakia in the Russian Federation. Tourists need to obtain a Schengen visa category C. For children, a full package of documents is submitted, to which a copy of the birth certificate must be attached. If the child is entered in the passport of one of the parents, then a separate visa sticker is pasted on it. Category C visa is issued for up to one month, the time that you can spend in the country depends on the hotel reservation or invitation. It is also possible to issue a multiple-entry visa, while its validity will be three months. As a rule, a visa is issued within 10 days from the date of application, and the consular fee is 35 euros or 70 euros for an urgent visa.

Weather in Slovakia

Slovakia has a temperate continental climate. It is characteristic that in different parts of the country there can be completely different weather, depending on the height above sea level. In winter, in the flat areas, the temperature is kept within -1 -4 C, and in the mountains it often drops to -10 C, in summer the average temperature in the flat area is +19 +21 C, and in mountainous areas +8 +12 C. Quantity precipitation also depends on height and varies from 450 mm in the flat zone to 2100 in mountainous areas. For a regular trip around the country, the period from May to September is most convenient, and it is better to go to ski resorts in winter.


Public transport in Slovak cities is very extensive, as a rule, these are trams, buses and trolleybuses. Travel in transport must be paid for with special coupons, which can be bought in special yellow machines at stops. You need to pay for the ticket immediately after you bought it, so you should not buy a ticket in advance. Due to the small size of many Slovak cities, taxis are not very popular here, but they are quite common and equipped with meters.

Currency exchange in Slovakia

As of October 2011, the national currency rate is 1 USD = 0.72 EUR. The official currency is the euro. Slovak banks are open every day except Sunday, until 16.00, and exchange offices from 07.00 to 19.00, although some may work around the clock. Before choosing a place where you will change money, you should carefully read the terms of the exchange, as they can differ significantly even in nearby places. As a rule, banks offer better exchange rates than exchange offices. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, and travelers checks can be cashed at post offices and banks.


220V/50Hz (European sockets).


The majority of Slovaks are Christians, of which 60% are Roman Catholic, 4% Greek Catholic and 8% Protestant. About 10% of the country’s population consider themselves atheists.


Pickpocketing and street robbery are quite rare in Slovakia, but reasonable precautions are still necessary.


It is mandatory to have international health insurance with you. All medical services in the country are paid.

About Slovakia