About North Korea

About North Korea

Modern North Korea combines a huge history with its numerous monuments, as well as a unique culture and incredibly beautiful nature with a rich flora and fauna. North Korea is currently one of the most isolated countries in the world. After the severe Korean War, which turned the state into ruins, the DPRK almost completely recovered. Thanks to this, North Korea is very popular with many tourists, but not everyone can get here.

Geography of North Korea

According to itypemba, North Korea lies in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, and also occupies a small part of the mainland. North Korea borders South Korea to the south, Russia to the northeast, and China to the north. It is washed by the waters of the Japan and Yellow Seas.




The area of North Korea is 120,540 km2. sq., occupies the 97th place in the world by area.


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The national currency is the North Korean Won (KPW).


The official language is Korean.

Visa to North Korea

Entry into North Korea is quite problematic. A visa can only be obtained for a group of tourists. You can apply for a visa yourself at the consular department, which will take a lot of time, or through tour operators recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK. A visa is issued only after confirmation of the availability of sufficient funds and a tour from the tour operator. Also, to obtain a tourist visa, you need to pay 40 US dollars. A visa is issued within one month, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK may refuse to issue a visa without giving a reason.

Weather in North Korea

The climate in the country is temperate, summers are warm and mild, and winters are cold, and the transition from one season to another is very abrupt. In winter, cold air comes here from the mountainous regions of Asia, at this time the temperature drops to -14 C, and in the mountains it can drop below -18 C. There are frequent cases when cold winter weather is abruptly replaced by warm weather. In summer, oceanic air brings a lot of moisture, the average temperature during this period is +18 +22 C. The amount of precipitation depends on the height above sea level. The minimum amount of precipitation falls in the east of the country from 800 mm per year, and the maximum in mountainous areas – up to 2000 mm. Precipitation peaks in mid-summer. It is best to be here in late spring and early autumn, when there is little rainfall and the air temperature is quite high.


110-220V/60Hz (European sockets).


Officially, since 1950, any religious denominations have been banned in the country. But, despite this, some residents continue to profess the religion traditional for North Korea – Confucianism. Buddhists and Christians also live here.


North Korea is an amazingly safe country. Here, not only on every corner and in every public institution there are representatives of law enforcement agencies, but even small tourist groups are accompanied by a guide, and sometimes several, although in some cases the guide is an employee of the state security agencies, but they behave towards tourists correctly and intervene to rest only if local law is violated. In public places, you can safely leave even expensive things and after a few hours find them lying in the same place. Footfall here is six times lower than, in general, in Europe. However, you should be wary of scammers and pickpockets operating in crowded places.


The country has a rather low level of medical care. Public hospitals scattered throughout the country are experiencing a shortage not only in the availability of modern medications, but also in fairly common medicines, so it is advisable to bring a first-aid kit with essential drugs. The situation is better in hotels that have their own doctor. Although even here there may be a lack of some medicines. It is highly recommended to have health insurance with you.

About North Korea