A Homemade Toy Easy, Fun and that Defies Gravity

Has toy that is easy, simple and so amazing to do that I wish the whole world knew. Seem far-fetched, but this “antigravitational cone” (this is the name I gave to get more fun here at home) is very cool meesmo.

I can not put the picture here of children the building playing because I’m not allowed. But it was a fun only. From babies to the elderly, and 10-year 9 all on the playground defying gravity and playing do the balls fly.

But let’s take it from the top. The materials to build the antigravity cone you will need:

Bond type paper sheet

Straw with that fan-fold folding

Duct tape

Clay modeling (if necessary)


A mold to make the drawing of the circle (I used a jar to store food and a pot lid)

The first step is to draw and cut out the circle on the sheet of sulfite. I tested two sizes to see which worked better.

In practice, the larger circle has given more possibilities of floating balls, so I recommend that your have approximately 15 cm in diameter. After cutting the circle, make a straight cut on one side of the circle to the Center, on the size of your beam.

Fold the circle making a cone and secure with duct tape. The more shallow cone, more difficulty keeping the ball floating. That’s because the antigravitational cone works with the Force concentrated at a point just blow.

Make a small hole in the tip of the cone and pass it the straw, holding well with tape. The breath test.

If you feel you have air leaking out through the hole, you can put a bit of playdough inside of the cone to Cap.

The ideal ball

I tested at home four types of balls via behealthybytomorrow.com: ping-pong, styrofoam, tinfoil wrapping a piece of felt and foil only. The one that worked was the styrofoam. Second place went to the ball made just with crumpled foil.

To take on the playground of the building this homemade toy easy, I preferred the foil, which was great, because I could do variations of sizes of ball, as the child who was playing. The larger ones are easier to maintain in the cone, but they need someone who can keep the breath for longer. The smallest “fly” with a breath shorter. But all it took was a little help and she leaves off of cone (which, I may say, was another diversion of children).

Look here Cururuca kidding. As she enjoyed more blowing the ball out of the cone, I ended up not getting any pictures with the ball in the air lol.

Now, the Pocoyo already has more control and he kept the ball in the air longer. Until I enjoyed playing antigravitational cone. I’m good at it, any day I show!

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