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How to Get a Nursing Degree in Michigan

Even though the school may seem expensive, training is usually a worthwhile investment. Nursing in particular offers rewarding employment opportunities. The average salary for a nurse, working in Michigan is around 64 thousand dollars a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that nursing employment will grow much faster than average because of retiring nurses and the increasing focus on preventive care for America's aging population.

1. Decide what type of nursing degree you want to pursue. Michigan College and University systems offers a wide range of training opportunities for aspiring nurses. An associate's degree in nursing requires two years of study and can be obtained at a community college. A bachelor's degree in nursing takes four years for a college and is recommended for most nursing career. A Master of Science in nursing can be completed in one to two years of extra university studies after receiving a bachelor's degree. A doctoral degree in nursing is the highest level available in this subject area and is primarily designed for people who want to teach in a nursing program.

2. Make an appointment to speak with a counselor on a one of Michigan nursing schools or teaching hospitals. Talk about the education choice and your future plans and goals.

3. Research programs at schools in Michigan offering nursing degrees. For example, the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University all ranked in the top 50 schools for nursing care by U.s. News and World Report, where you can also look up each program.

4. Consider online programs such as The University of Phoenix, Walden University or the University of Cincinnati, if you are not able to move to a college town or attend college full time. You can still complete your nursing degree in Michigan, if you go through a nationwide on-line University. Your local Community College also offers courses to start you on your nursing education path.

5. Apply to Michigan, and/or online schools, you are most interested in attending. Most schools will have the following information in your application package: High School Transcripts or GED, ACT or SAT Scores, more references, and essays. Use all Michigan contacts that you have in the nursing or related areas to provide you with references, if possible.

6. Apply for scholarships and federal aid. Michigan colleges also work-student jobs reserved for students, but realistically assess your ability to work during the program. For example, in the Accelerated Degree Program at Michigan State University, you could have up to 15 credits of intensive tuition per semester, not leaves little time for non-training-related activities.

7. Visit to the hospital to get an idea of what your experience study and work there would be like. All University of Michigan nursing students, for example, get a clinical placement in order to get hands-on experience as part of their program.

8. Complete your program in 2 years, 4 years or more and get your Michigan nursing degree.

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