5 Must in Mallorca

5 Must in Mallorca

Palma Cathedral

The Cathedral of Light, or “La Seu” as the Spaniards say, began to be built as early as the 13th century and has as beautiful an exterior as it has an interior. Missing a glimpse of Palma’s magnificent cathedral is like walking in Paris without noticing the Eiffel Tower. It simply does not work. La Sue is located with its Gothic peaks and towers along the shoreline at the oldest parts of the city. In the summer, a large outdoor cinema is set up in the Parc de la Mar, below the cathedral. When you visit the cathedral, it is decent dress that applies as well as zero tolerance for photography and the use of mobile phones.

Sóller in northwestern Mallorca

The small picturesque town of Sóller is located on the northwestern part of the island. It is known for its many orange trees and its lush vegetation, but the most important is the church of St. Bartomeu on the city’s main square. Sóller is also a starting point for many famous hiking trails due to the high mountain peaks around.
It is easy to take the bus here from Palma’s Placa Espana or the old tough train that has seen better days. Once in place, you can hike, bike or take part in an orange harvest. Just a few kilometers from the city center is Port de Sóller which has white beaches and a long promenade full of restaurants and bars. Choose yourself if you want to take the tram or walk.


Not far from Sóller and a stone’s throw from Palma, is the village of Valdemossa which has been a real headquarters for poets and artists. Did you know e.g. that George Sand has lived here in 1838 with his beloved Fryderyk Chopin? Many believe that it is precisely this village that has provided Mallorca with its good reputation and made tourism flourish. When you are here you will understand why. Something cuter is hard to find. Sloping alleys, almond trees and high mountains are interspersed with genuine restaurants and small mysterious texts about the area’s patron saint. Here you will find inspiration and creativity and that is perhaps why it is the artists’ favorite place in Mallorca.

Santuari de Lluc – Escorca

If you have ever fantasized about staying overnight in a convent, then you have the chance. In Escorca is the sacred monastery of Santuari de Lluc, beautifully cherished by the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains. The place is a lisa for the soul and a way to gather strength. The monastery is considered the holiest place on the island. On the second floor is a small museum where you can look at pottery or paintings. It is not expensive to go in here and if you want to sleep over, there is the possibility of accommodation.

The market in Sineu

In Mallorca, markets are held every day somewhere and the most famous is in Sineu. It is open every Wednesday between 8-13 and has been since the 16th century. Here is probably everything you can imagine and when you are here it will feel as if you are moving several hundred years back in time. Cows, goats and kittens run around each other in front of local villagers who sell fruit, vegetables and other goodies. The market is a gem for children and there is also pony riding and street music. The village is located in the middle of the island and is most easily reached by train from Palma, bus 458 or car. The train costs only 3 Euro.

5 Must in Mallorca