5 Amazing Tips of How to Combine Bracelets and Watches

A charming women’s accessories, without doubt, is the combination of bracelets and watches. In addition to unite utility and beauty, they complement any look, from the most casual to the most elegant, leaving the look unique and full of style. However, one of the biggest questions of the readers is about matching bracelets and watches. So, Let’s clarify all doubts once and for all, besides giving tips on how not to overindulge in choosing these accessories!Choose a mix of bracelets that combine with the clock

For the lovers of bracelets this is the best time! You can choose a mix of bracelets to combine them with the clock. During the day, the ideal is to opt for more colorful accessories. The clock can also be more fun, with several colors. This look more excited is ideal to be used in less formal occasions, like a walk in the Mall or meeting with friends. The interesting thing is not to exceed the height of five fingers below the elbows, but the visual will be very “heavy”.

Moderate accessories in nocturnal events

Parties, ballads or even that happy hour with friends also requires a look all produced, doesn’t it? On these occasions, it pays to bet on more sophisticated and accessories with brightness. Metal bracelets and watches with zircônias and shiny they look great! The mix of bracelets can also be used, but sparingly. Some bracelets are already enough to compose the visual.

Value by stealth in more formal occasions

More formal occasions, such as a meeting or corporate event during the day, require a greater balance in the hire and materials. Choose bracelets of the same model and material, the watch may be more discreet and preferably with the same colors of bracelets. Three or four bracelets are enough to compose the visual and give a touch of femininity and elegance.

Do the combination with contrasting accessories

The contrast between the accessories allows new possibilities. Matching bracelets, with thicknesses and different stones, or merge pearls and stones, creating a more urban and contemporary. Classic watches bracelets thinner and smaller display are the most suitable.

Beware the hype

The more matching bracelets with the clock, the visual looks good, doesn’t it? Wrong! Care in time to compose these two accessories because they can leave your arm with a “loaded” and the bangles can screw each other, leaving the look even more confused and disorganized. The size of the bracelets should also be taken into account. Thicker bracelets or bracelets large require a smaller amount. If you can’t resist a mix of these parts, it’s just split them in two arms and balance the information.

As we said, there are no rules! But of course there must be harmony between the combinations. The important thing is to use something that matches with your personality and style, not to feel uncomfortable using an accessory that undermines your visual. It is therefore important to use imagination and creativity when choosing components that add beauty to your look. Opt for bracelets and watches and let your look more beautiful and cheerful.

With all these tips of how to combine bracelets and watches it’s hard to leave them in a drawer, don’t you? Now that you’ve read all our tips, be sure to enjoy our Facebook page and keep on top of all the news!