10 Things That Make Angry Babies More Lean

Babies are human beings like any other, that is, he is happy with some things and with others they become irritated. Here’s a list of the 10 things that irritate most babies.

10 Things That Make Angry Babies More Lean

The difference is that they can not tell if they are liking it or not, so they cry what makes the whole family desperate without knowing what it is feeling.

When the baby becomes angry see if the cause is any of these factors.

Things that make babies angry


Hunger is the main reason. The baby cries angry when he needs to eat for the sake of survival. Then when your baby is angry or crying, feed him.


It is very common for babies to feel cold, especially in the first days of life because they lose heat faster. During the night the temperature can drop a lot. See if the little boy’s feet or nose are cold and wear hotter clothing on him.


The heat also bothers the babies. Sometimes parents exaggerate their clothes and clothing and it bothers the little one. Pay attention to the weather before you fill your baby with clothes and warm clothing.

Dirty diaper

Dirty diapers also irritate babies very much, because dirt bothers as much as sweat, as pee and coconut get in direct contact with baby’s skin.


The rashes make babies very angry, because they are sore and cause small children to cry.


This tummy ache is one of the leading causes of baby irritation up to the first three months of age. Colic is natural because babies are still going through the process of maturation of the digestive system. It is a pain that comes and goes, so the child is crying for one hour and the other is calm.


Babies who suffer with reflux experience a type of burning in the stomach and this makes them very angry.


Often babies become angry and crying and parents do not know that the only thing they need to calm down is to sleep, because sleep makes them tired and does not want to do other things like play.

Excessive stimulation

Every parent knows that children need encouragement, but they should not be overstated, as too much noise, excitement, colors and lights irritate and upset babies.

Tight diaper

Too tight diaper hurts and can lead baby to crying. Hence, mothers should be careful not to over-tighten their babies’ diapers, as they become uncomfortable.

So if you want to see your baby always happy and smiling, avoid the things listed above because they really annoy the babies.




Source: www.thecaptain.tv