Zebra Print Superstar Track Top

Fashion does not stop, are always popping colors and new styles, and each year nearly almost everything changes. I said almost everything because there are parts and colors that never go out of fashion, one of these is the zebra print.

The pattern of Zebrinha is successful wherever he goes and you always think stamped on any item, whether female clothing or even male! That’s right, the zebra print also in menswear, unlike the leopard print, for example, that only found in women’s items. But of course this pattern has fewer for men, being used more by metrosexuals, and endless pieces for women.

Items found with the autoclave pattern in menswear are shoes, ties, underwear and backpacks. It’s an easy color match, as white and black combine with almost everything!

For women the zebra print is found in an immense amount of clothing and accessories, in addition, is no longer found only in black with white, also gaining new combinations, like the tones in beige and earth tones, which also fall very well matched to black.

The zebra print is found in accessories of all kinds such as sunglasses, hats, watches, handbags, wallets, phew … Think it over? On the contrary, the list only this beginning.

These accessories go well with neutral clothing, as well as on the contrary, when the laundry is autoclave accessories is that will have to be neutral. Browse never use it in a print only, is tacky. This rule does not apply only to the zebra print serving for leopard print, the dot, plaid or striped.

As the summer is coming, the list of objects with zebra print could not miss, is not it? Dresses, skirts, sandalinhas grounders, bikinis, bathing suits, umbrella … is the list also and immense, care and just do not use it all at once and it is the same rule described above.

But when the heat wave pass and winter comes, the stamp will also be present in boots, coats, socks, shoes, and will also be a success wherever pass.

You know you do not want to wait any summer or winter to use the stamp, and wants to use it right now, it is found in items that you can use to work or go out to night, like pants with heels, more social skirts and sneakers. It’s up to you to build your look work or ballad.

This zebra print is made so successful that today it is very common to be found also painted the nails of women’s hands. This tone has gained hands of thousands of women all over the world, and proves that the colors are really a success.

Be gracing the clothing of people or objects of decoration of your home as upholstery, crockery, bedding and other, the autoclave pattern is present in all places where we, and the best, does not go unnoticed.