Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pumps

In this long summer we often talked of shoes most loved by the stars, now let us see the platform pump from Yves Saint Laurent, they are beautiful and glamorous and with a design sculpture created between heel and platform, are shoes that see them from images beautiful but they do not seem to wear a completely different effect, right? The Yves Saint Laurent shoes are called Imperial Platform Pumps and I are part of the Spring Summer 2010 collection, in fact, are already sold out!

The Imperial Platform Pumps Yves Saint Laurent are beautiful and glamorous, I like how the French designer has played with heel and plateau, creating an almost unique structure that soars much and maybe, maybe sottilineo, it’s not too uncomfortable because the plateau is quite high and so there is an acceptable height difference.

The Yves Saint Laurent sandals are another confirmation of how this French brand is spectacular, beyond fashion and trends, Yves Saint Laurent has managed to leave an indelible mark in the fashion world, I believe that this label will never stop to shine, such as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion.

These Imperial Platform Pumps Yves Saint Laurent have not escaped the watchful eyes of celebrities and anyone involved in their looks and have been worn by four fashionistas, different from each other but united by a passion for retro footwear.

The four stars who have not resisted these shoes are Kristen Stewart, Lily Allen,Lady Gaga and Kate Beckinsale.

My favorite is Kristen Stewart, your?