Your Phone Is Stealing Your Night’s Sleep

The bedroom should be reserved for sexual intercourse and sleep, how does this sound from UiB-researcher Ståle Pallesen.

A study from the University of Bergen (UiB) confirms what many previous studies also have come up with, namely that the mobile phone steals the night’s sleep.In the study carried out by the UiB attended 532 students aged 18-39 years, all studying in Norway. It writes our site.

The researchers behind the study is in no doubt that the students would have gotten a better sleep if they had not used their mobile phone in bed. 90 percent of participants in the survey answered that they at least once a week either surfing, watching movies or send e-mails after they have put himself under the covers-and the majority here uses the mobile phone.

-“The investigation showed that there is a clear link between surfing on mobile and/or PC and sleep problems,” says Ståle Pallesen.

Perhaps that is why there are also many sleep applications whose purpose is to help you to sleep better.

The study also showed that B-people are spending more time on social media, etc. when they have put themselves under the covers than A-people.

-“The bedroom should be reserved for sex and sleep,” ending Ståle Pallesen.

Your phone can also give between 30 and 50 lux, which is about half of what a reasonably well-informed living room do-and this is enough to slow down the biological clock.