You Have No Primer? This Beauty Trick Helps!

Often eye shadow is not as long as we want it. With this eye shadow hack keeps the color not only better but is also more intense

This eye shadow trick is awesome

The makeup trick of the beauty blogger ‘health-beauty-guides‘ is really awesome. The entire look is not for everyday life at the end of their YouTube videos, but we will definitely make the idea to use a liquid lipstick, called also lip cream, as a basis.

Eye shadow trick goes through the Internet

The eye shadow trick is suitable particularly for an evening make-up. Becca used a vegan liquid lip color, which has a Matt effect as the basis for their look. When applying the lipstick is still fluid, but then dries to a matte shade. As a result the lipstick no longer blurs. This effect is to use Becca as a primer for the eyes. The lipstick is spotted up on the eyelid in a thin layer. So long, he is still damp, the eye shadow is applied. Get ready!

By the way: so the “glow nude look”.

Caution is still advised that lipsticks are made not for the eyes. Want to try the trick, you should first carefully test whether your eyes are sensitive. Like Becca, we would pick up also a vegan product.

Awesome! So you can make Nail Polish from broken eyeshadow itself.