You Can Thus Play a Counter Strike 1.6 Original on Your Android

It is inevitable that a famous game like Counter Strike have a thousand clones on Google Play, some better than others, but on this occasion are not talking about Counter Strike Portable or any type of special version for mobile. It’s not CS 1.6 for lifetime, but in the mobile.

If at this point are willing to make a rush to B and you download it now from Google Play, for truck. It is not an official version and is not as easy as install and ready, but the impressive project of Alibek Omarov. However, if you have a little time for experience, the process It is not too complicated.

What you need

To run Counter Strike 1.6 on your Android, you need to have this game in your Steam account and downloaded, because you’ll need to copy its contents to the SD card of your mobile phone. Although we have not tested it, it is very likely that you can also use the internal memory (see below).

Otherwise, you need to install two APK. One of them is the client of Counter Strike itself, while the other is Xash3D, an engine created from scratch to run games based on the Source, as it is the case of Counter Strike and half-life of course.


Do you accept the challenge? Then it starts downloading the client for Counter Strike the first. It is available in two versions, compiled for devices with processors only one or several nuclei. If your phone has multiple cores but have problems with the version multi – core, test the other.

  • CS 1.6 client multi – core
  • CS 1.6 single client – core

After installing the specific client for Counter Strike is the time of installing the most pervasive games Source, Xash3D. In this case not to do any election: there is only a version. CS 1.6 clients needs Xash3D 0.17.1 or higher.

  • Xash3D 0.17.1

Now take your backup files of Counter Strike 1.6 on Steam on your PC. Specifically, you must find and copy the folder cstrike and valve Xash folder of your memory card. This is actually the default setting, but you can use another folder or the internal memory, if you edit the location in Xash3D options.

Before you begin defusing bombs and cursing the campers, seeks among the folders of Counter Strike that copied there is no PAK file that starts with “touch” or “vgui”. If you find any, delete it!

Enjoy it… If you can

As expected, adapt is a game designed for use with a keyboard and mouse to a tiny mobile screen is a rather harrowing experience. A mere glance at all virtual buttons distributed by screen some that already causes another shiver, but hey, it is the life Counter… in mobile.

As you can see with the previous example, apart from the initial agony video, game works the same in PC, with the same menus, animations and sounds. Will you manage to defuse the bomb from your mobile?