WOOFit-Trendy Wireless Audio to Affordable [TEST]

We have tested WOOFit headphones from sækkestols manufacturer SACKit-Trendy style, good sound, but a little disappointing noise reduction.

Sækkestols manufacturer SACKit has again posted a new product on the street – this time a few wireless Bluetooth headphones that promise active noise reduction to 999 dollars.

It may seem odd to SACKit producing bean bags, also has thrown out of audio products, but the company has for years sent different speakers on the market, all of which well compliment the casual sækkestols style.

Several years ago came on the market-A small round WOOFit Bluetooth speaker that surprised very positively with its great sound.

Good design with fine subtleties

SACKit headphones are on-ear headphones, so headphones that sit on the outside of the ear. The design is classic with a hanger and two round speakers (cups), which is cushioned with protein leather, so they sit comfortably on the ear.

The headphones are rechargeable and should, according to the manufacturer, could hold power for up to 12 hours. There is also possible to receive mobile calls via the headset. Calls can be answered via the integrated buttons on the left part of the headphones.

Control is performed via three pushbuttons on the left part and a slider on the right.

On the left part is a + (plus) and – (minus) button during music playback can be used to adjust the level of sound and jump to the next or previous song.

There is also a “Bluetooth” button that turns on and off the headphones, pair them with other units and can answer and end a phone call.

On the right side is a sliding button that switches on and off for Active Noise Cancellation (active noise reduction)

Control works in a simple and manageable, and once it right “sits in your fingers”, it is no matter to serve them quickly and accurately.


Perfect size for both children and adults

Honestly! I have had difficulty finding headphones that could meet my requirements. In addition to playing absolutely great and have to pay for a relatively fair amount, I would also like to have a product that can be used by everyone in your family.

Many of the headphones I have tested has been designed so that they were either completely perfect for my kids, but far too small for my head and my ears, or vice versa, absolutely perfect for me and way too big and bulky for my children.

Now it seems that I have found a pair of headphones that on fit can meet my wants and needs. WOOFit headphones look immediately small out but the design makes them perfect match for myself, but also my children have tested them over a longer period of time, and they have been extremely satisfied with the fit.

My children on 4 and 8 years, respectively, have both been extremely excited about WOOFit, and have often had skæde centres on who first should have them when they came home from school and kindergarten.

Positively to my kids like them, but now it’s not only the kids toys, and of course, I have also spent some time with WOOFit.

On my head sits the pleasant and fine ends close to the ear speakers. They weigh not too much (168 grams) and can easily sit on the head a few hours at a time.

Fine sound – but a little disappointing active noise reduction

The sound of the WOOFit headphones have a good sound and a detailed overall soundscape. I miss however a bit more depth in the bass, but it is of course a matter of taste, and in no way something that destroys the overall impression.

However, I am a little disappointed with the active noise reduction, on the basis of the description of the product should be able to keep unnecessary noise out. It is, however, only to a very small degree that noise from the surroundings will be shut out.

When the active noise reduction, will be cast on the sound from the omgivelsern Dim slightly. Not much, and certainly not as much as the product description Express.

In the past we have seen at the Parrot Zik 2.0 with active noise reduction, which very effectively keeps the noise from the environment out.

WOOFits headphones when not Parrot to size mounts in terms of noise reduction, but then one must also take into account the fact that Zik 2.0 costs over twice in suggested retail price.

SACKit might have to settle for marketing their product as they are, for a few really good headphones, and failed the active noise reduction, for it does not much care for it, and the risk to disappoint the expectant customers.


Battery life – 12 hours

The stated battery life on a single charge is 12 hours, which should be taken with a grain of salt, since it depends on whether you are using Active noise reduction and how loud you turn up the volume.

Completely skærvt, however, it is not. I have plenty could keep power for most of the day’s work, where I have been listening to music most of the time in the Office – interrupted only by lunch and short meetings.

Answer calls with a press

If the headphones are connected to a telephone, it is possible to answer calls by pressing the “Bluetooth” button on the left speaker (Cup).

The sound quality is fine during calls, and the recipient has not had trouble hearing my voice.

Are they worth the money?

Whether or not the headphones are worth the money depends on what you expect. If you can ignore a minimal active noise reduction, and instead see them as a couple of really good and stable wireless headphones with a really good battery life, so they are worth the money.

If you appreciate the active noise reduction should be enough looking around for alternatives, so as to avoid being disappointed.

WOOFit headphones come in two color variants; a black and a golden (golden brown) – in my opinion, looks like the black version as many other headphones and stand not seriously out.

Choose instead “Golden” you get the headphones with a retro-style look that stands out from the crowd.

All in all, do you get for a little less than 1,000 dollars a couple of really good and comfortable headphones with a really nice sound, super battery life and a good fit.

WOOFit headphones get 4.5 out of 6 stars

The product can be purchased online at SACKit and at selected retailers.

-Good fit
-Good sound
-Long battery life

-Minimal active noise reduction