Wolder Unveiled Its First Product with Remix OS at Mobile World Congress

There is much talk these days about Remix OS. As you know it is from the operating system based on the project Android – x 86 Jide, formed by former Google, Enterprise and that was released yesterday so that anyone can use it in your laptop and desktop with architecture x 86.

We also knew that Wolder was working with this system, and now sources close to manufacturer told us exclusively that the Cantabrian company will become the first official partner of Jide in Spain. In addition, Wolder will present its first device with OS Remix within the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2016.

Remix OS: the ACE in the hole of Wolder

At the moment our sources have failed us to tell which type of device will reveal Wolder the fair of Barcelona, while taking into account the characteristics of the operating system would be nice that they were some sort of MicroPC, tablet or even laptop. But what we have ensured is that not be any prototype, but a final product with its design and defining features.

We had the first tracks of this treatment during the last Awards Engadget, where Wolder is presented with a screen that ran the operating system of Jide. Will you point it to an all-in one? The truth is that wouldn’t be my favorite choice, but everything can be. In my case, if I were to choose I would prefer something like the Remix Ultra Tablet than the own Jide launched a year ago.

No doubt this is a move interesting considering the furor that is causing this version of Android. And if the quality and specifications of the device are at the height of the expectations, we would be before a stroke on the table that you could put on the map of international the Cantabrian manufacturer.

To this must be added that Jide does not seem to have intended to carry its own fair stand, so the attention on your operating system will fall on Wolder, where our sources told us that people may be fiddling with and test your product. Of course, between now and late February will be attentive to these movements, and their know anything new envelope which will be the device that arises we’ll tell it.