With Fair Trade Jewelry Against Child Labour

Who thinks of child labour, thinks first in agriculture, weavers or garbage collectors. But also in the manufacture of jewelry work with minors as cheap labour in the gold mines and production and sale of jewelry pieces. Worldwide, 100 million children work. Part of it is working in the jewelry-making. Gold jewelry should soon everywhere to prevent child labour, fair Traide seal be available.

It is not all gold that glitters

Children and minors work in mines and as a small prospectors. The resulting gold is known as primary gold. Because recycled gold and primary gold in the vagina merges, the origin can be not traced often of primary gold. Almost all large jewelry manufacturers are affected by the problem and can’t say anything about the origin of their gold. Only Tiffany admits to handle 43 percent primary gold. But it is not from child labour, it is a by-product in the production of copper from a mine in Utah. Galerieaffairs Karlsruhe, yet Otto mail order or the jewelry shipping Christ the test magazine Öko Test on request in December 2013 have, where the gold for the sold jewelry comes from. When you buy jewelry, you should expect to buy gold through its promotion of the environment has been devastated and underage workers are poorly paid.

Gold fair trade

The club wants to trade fair after coffee and now improve the working conditions and wages in the mines of gold chocolate. According to directoryaah, in December 2015 first jewelry with the came trade seal of approval in Germany fair on the market. Goal is to install also a premium, which should benefit the development of social projects in addition to the fair price for the gold. First fair trade gold Schürfer are already in Colombia and Peru.Initiatives for fair traded gold are the Fairtrade Foundation, the ARM (Alliance for resposible mining), fair trade in gems and jewelry and no. dirty gold. For silver jewelery, South point is a label for fair jewelery making.

How do I jewelry from fair traded precious metals?

In Germany, you will find jewelery fair gold mining especially in smaller gold smithing and jewelery shopping trips. Specifically ask the origin of precious metals or let show the corresponding seal. Fair & green supports even the gold mining without the use of mercury and cyanide, which benefits the environment. In addition to gold, textile jewelery fair made in changing collections in the shop are available. A good reason to look for fair trade jewelry.