Wireless Cell Phone Charger! How Does It Work?

Probably, you have heard of wireless charging or wireless chargers for mobile phones. But what exactly is that Basically, the Wireless charging does what it says: it is a way to load your device without the hassle of having to mess with the USB cable ends and tangles. But there’s more to this than just a wireless technology to charge their devices.

Wireless Cell Phone Charger! How Does It Work

How Does the Wireless Phone Charger?

In a nutshell, the Wireless charging works with magnets. Basically, two coils: a loading and a plate on the device, making the transfer of energy through an electromagnetic field.

This may sound very scientific and complex, but in reality, all you need is two pieces of hardware with compatible technology (Nokia and Google have chosen the standard Qi, for example). Then all you need to do is put the device on the loading platform and then, as if by magic, the phone should start charging.

Now, the name is somewhat misleading, since it is not truly wireless. We still need to use a cable to connect the charger base into the power grid, but the name comes from the absence of connection wire between the charger and the device.

In addition, you can load your device with batteries for a truly wireless experience, although this is more inefficient and could be seen as a waste when using a wire is something so useful.

Wireless charging is becoming increasingly common among smartphones. For example, many Nokia phones Lumia has built-in wireless charging, or available as a dust cap special. If you have another phone, many accessories are skins, cases, special batteries and charging bases, like the Mophie Juice Pack and the Duracell Powermat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Cell Phone Charger

There are obvious benefits to having a phone charging wirelessly. Immediately, there is the absence of problems with the insertion of a USB cable every time you want to load it. Along with this, comes less use of USB connectors, which can be protected or covered by saving the General wear and tear of the hardware.

In addition to use within mobile phones, wireless technology also had a great impact in other areas of life. In medicine, for example, the Wireless charging can be used to load medical devices under the skin, which limits the possibilities of infection that come with the use of a wire.

That said, there are drawbacks to the technology. On the one hand, she is simply not as effective or as fast as a USB charging cable and there tends to be a lot of heat wasted. In addition, there is a standard for Wireless charging, which means that the device may not be compatible with the hardware of a friend.

The Future of Wireless Chargers

For now, only small devices can be loaded wirelessly, such as toothbrushes, razors and phones. But in the near future, we can expect to see the expanding technology for laptops and even entire tables being made of material to load, enabling you to simply place the device and it will load for as long as he’s on the table.

To push the possibilities even more, why not do an entire floor of a building with that? With the scope of the payload field expanded, everything is loaded, no matter where it is, if you’re in a table or in a purse or Pocket.

Further into the future, electric cars and trains can be powered by cables underneath the road/tracks, so you won’t have to carry your car before going to work. The potential of wireless charging, as shown by these examples, is almost infinite, and can go a long way to help simplify our lives and the ways that connect with our technology.

My Phone Can Be Loaded Wirelessly?

As mentioned above, some models now comes standard with wireless Chargers or batteries already prepared for that. However, in most cases, you will need a special dust cap and an inducement to do the Wireless charging. Usually these capinhas are available only to the top-of-the-line models, but there are exceptions, and they are not that expensive for basic models.

Have you ever had a wireless charger? What did you think of him? Share your experience in the comments.