Winter Olympic Clothing

One thing to look forward to in the winter cold is a forthcoming Winter Olympic Games. It starts exactly 38 days namely. Alpine skiing and curling are all very well, but the obvious Manolo-the question is, of course, how the Olympic roster clothing looks. Our site has taken out on this, and also how to produce an Olympic collection.

-I made a mix of what felt right for me and right for the Stadium, “said Anna Probst, who designed the Swedish squad’s clothes this year.

It is the Stage that made this year’s collection, together with the Swedish Olympic Committee. This has been the case since the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002.

-We have a partnership with them. It is a difficult collection to make because it will suit all ages and styles, “said Frida Wade who is the Assistant of SOK and is a member of the group that worked out the clothing via SportingOlogy.

The total comprised a OS-the collection of about fifty different garments, from lingerie to mittens. In principle, it should be everything that athletes might need, in addition to the suit that they should exercise their sport. It takes each person’s or team’s sponsors.

-It should be casual wear, some border garments, inmarschplagg and representationskläder, of course, says Anna Probst.
-We have also made travel bags and specially designed Sunglasses made in Sweden which is extra fun.

Probst has worked with sports garments since november 2004, and the work went on for about a year, of which six months was the sketch work. In parallel with the Olympic collection, she has also done Pippi Longstocking clothes for children, and dealt with the basic operations of his company-rya rugs to the public environment … If this is reflected in the end result, we let you decide for yourselves.

United States has gone a similar route with the Canadian company Roots. Inspired by the winter games in Cortina in 1956, describes the collection as follows:

American pride is translated through the use of consistent imagery in the form of a custom retro alpine ski stripe graphic that is used across the entire collection, highlighting the strong sense of identity and patriotism of American athletes.

They also sell the collection at Target stores now, if any of you want to dress like an Alpine Western patriot in winter.

See a sample of the Swedish Olympic clothes here!