Windows 10 Already Is in 300 Millions of Devices, What Happened When Not Be Free?

Microsoft has today revealed a new round figure for the adoption of Windows 10: as managers of the company, this operating system already is being used”actively” in 300 million devices.

It is a remarkable but not spectacular, especially considering that this was a free for all users of Windows 7 or higher upgrade with a legitimate license for the operating system. What will happen at the end of July, When is the update no longer free?

If you want to upgrade for free, you must take advantage now

At Microsoft they want to take this announcement precisely to remind users that they still have more than two months to update their computers with the latest edition of the operating system, and remind us how updates are still polishing the product.

In fact there is an especially important update in sight: the called Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but that may not be enough to convince a few users who will face a major obstacle for the update: that this is from August of payment: full version of Windows 10 Home will cost $119.

The growth of the market share of Windows 10 was remarkable in its first weeks, but the pace was calming down progressively. March 30 Microsoft indicated that the number of active users of Windows 10 was 270 million, indicating that they have taken just over one month to get to these 300 million.

It is very likely that the adoption of Windows 10 slows thereafter in a remarkable way, and sale of new equipment -the update of the old – will not be the real engine of growth in market share. Microsoft has tried everything to accelerate the adoption – this video with Bryan Roper repeating us advantages once more makes it clear -.

The truth is that almost a year later 10 Windows market share stands at a 15.34% According to NetApplications, when Windows 7 is still the absolute Dominator with 47,82% of all PCs segment. And it does not seem that the situation is going to change dramatically in the short term.