Wild Tech: Transparent Battery Can Recharge Itself

A newly developed type of battery can revolutionize the future of mobile devices: it is transparent and can charge themselves with sunlight.

A Japanese research team from Kogakuin University in Japan, this month a new type battery with promising properties.

It showed off prototype unites for two properties which will give mobile devices completely new perspectives: it is transparent and so it can be recharged with the Sun’s rays.

Why do you dream about a transparent phone in the best Tony Stark-shape, the team’s new battery can be the necessary breakthrough.

Battery based on lithium-ion technology which also used today, but by using microscopic electrodes of less than 90 nanometer, light can penetrate the chemical cells.

When the battery is exposed to sunlight, the optical properties are changed so that 30% of the light is captured and complements the battery with power. The battery is close to being completely drained up to 60% of the light will be captured and by doing so will it charge faster.

The team behind the breakthrough, however, does not see the batteries will be used in your phone in the first place, but pointing instead at applications in smart Windows to your Office or home.

Then see the team however, optimistic on opportunities for use in tablets, phones or other portable electronics. It writes our site.

When we can see the technology be deployed joins the research team nothing about. The prototype is so far only tested to deliver 20 charge/discharge cycles.

The battery can be seen in action at the innovation fair ‘Innovation Japan 2015’.