Who Invented the Sleeping Bag?

A few days ago published on Facebook friends of Books of travel Interfolio browser photo resting on a primitive sleeping bag. It was Henry Russell Killough, a wealthy investor who is dedicated, inter alia, to climb the Pyrenees almost compulsively. Such was his fondness for the mountains that made them its transitional home through the excavation of the caves then fitted out for his explorations.

The vision of this man stuck in a rudimentary SAC sleeping awoke my curiosity and I went to the net, where if not, to find the origins of this gadget so traveler. What he thought would be a quick search that would satisfy my curiosity became an arduous task for which there is a clear winner. In Exchange, much more interesting historical knowledge came to me.

I was trying to confirm that it was Robert Louis Stevenson, in the course of their raids through the Alps in the year 1878, which invented the sleeping bag but I only managed to find out that he had designed one waterproof and lined with sheep’s wool.

A little later he came to my screen Francis Fox Tuckett, an English Quaker, distinguished mountaineer who in 1861 tested a prototype created SAC with a woven type blanket and rubber below to isolate from the ground and provide greater comfort.

But the definitive history came from the hand of a daughter of Erik the Red, the unparalleled Freydis Eiriksdottr. The girl, a Ruddy Viking which was noted for its savagery and its boldness, married Thorfinn, a rich man and something quiet. Together, in the year 1004, they embarked on one of these adventures of conquest and prey. After a hard journey of storms and hardships, from Greenland they arrived to Vinland (North America) and tried to trade with the natives. Foods carrying the Vikings included dairy products, I imagine that yogurts, cheeses and milk but wanted the bad luck that lactose intolerance did to the aborigines believe that rude travelers wanted them to poison. American primitive, despechados and in a spirit of revenge, was charged against the Vikings in brutal attack and these in clear numerical inferiority, boarded the ships and sailed, feet for what you want. But Freydis, pregnant and slower than his expedition companions, not arrived in time. Alone on the beach, full of bitterness, it looked like the ships moved away plying the Atlantic. Filled with anger, he took a sword that the Vikings had lost in his flight, turned around and, with bare breasts issued a sound so guttural, so brutal that indigenous people were paralyzed by terror and did not dare to attack it.

Survived with his son Snorri for a year until her husband and the rest of battle-hardened Vikings returned to look for it.

On the return voyage, one of the ships capsized because of the storm and the two crews had to hacinar on a single boat. When food began to run out the conditions of coexistence resented and Freydis, who had already taken command de-facto, ordered to kill the crew of the second boat. It survived only five women because the Viking honor code prevented them to kill their wives if they were unarmed. This did not seem to be content to Freydis, who, with his axe, personally killed five girls.

Despite the failure of this first expedition Freydis and her husband managed to circumvent two Finnish brothers, Finnbogi and Helgi, to depart East again. The two boats, managed to make with the larger and instead of boarding to 30 crew members, was put at 35. This brought the first friction and discord but which took the reins of the joint expedition was now own Freyddis and there who tosiera him.

Upon landing, they set up two separate camps because, during the journey, the fronts had been continuous. While they were on the same side, to Freydis, you didn’t like that they touch noses so it neither short nor lazy, ordered her husband and his men that they eliminated the crew of the second boat. He used to convince them, of course, bad art and lies, saying that they had attacked her and other fallacies by the style. Again, all a crew was passed to knife less women, by that of the Viking honor and all that. But there was our Freyddis to fill the legal void and give movement to his axe.

THORFINN and Freydis returned to Greenland, and for fear of facing exile by uploaded two entire crews that, to make matters worse were its own side, made them swear to his men, under threat of death, that would keep her mouth shut. His men knew that the daughter of Erik the Red would not hesitate a moment play their part.

However, it is known as these things from murders and secrets, so the rumors spread throughout Greenland until he sent there, his brother Leif Eriksson. This tortured three of the crew members until they admitted the truth. Even so he decided to run a thick veil and forget the matter to avoid having to punish his own sister.

And… to what is this? As Freydis, hack and hack, devised a kind of sleeping bag made with candle replacement of one of the boats that, curiously, seemed quite the Robert L. Stevenson since, like his, both were waterproof on the outside and lined on the inside.

And so, looking for the inventor of the sack of sleep, I could not get anything conclusive but, in return, I discovered the Saga of the Greenlanders and the Saga of Erik the red, who are much more interesting.