WhatsApp Web Already Us Lets Delete and Archive Chats

Since the beginning of this year we can already use WhatsApp in our computer or tablet through from your web version. In its launch brought us a very basic web client but enough to chat with our contacts, but today is much more complete by adding new options so that can do virtually the same thing from your application.

WhatsApp Web now finally allows us to delete and archive our chats. It can be from the pull-down of the conversions tab or within a conversation by clicking on their menu (three points). In your menu we can also see the information of the contact or a group.

On the information of a group we can now manage groups where we are administrator, add new administrators, delete participants, changing the subject or if image.

Also by clicking on our profile we can change our profile we may change our image and status. Another novelty is that now we can drag and drop images from your PC to a conversation to share.