WhatsApp for Android Now Supports Groups of Up to 50 Participants

The groups are one of the best tricks that has WhatsApp to retain users and make many pay for the renewal of the service, since failure to pay means to stop participating in those groups of friends and most of the time it is easier to pay that annual dollar attempting to migrate all your friends to create another similar group in another application of competition.

WhatsApp know this, and that is why increased the limit to 50 participants for their groups with the new update that is available for download from the website of WhatsApp and Google Play.

This is the fourth ascent that makes WhatsApp in the number of members to the groups. They began as groups of up to 10 people, a few months went up that limit to 15 people, then 20, 30 and finally to the current 50 members. It seems that they are not the limit. Luckily, you can mute groups and remove the sound to its notifications, because you have to be crazy to be on a group of 50 people.