WhatsApp for Android Also Tea Leaves Draw and Add Stickers in Videos

If last week we saw as the beta version of WhatsApp Android allowed us first draw in our photos now we see how with the new version we can now do the same with our videos to the style Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

Already updated to the latest version of WhatsApp Beta for draw strokes, add texts and stickers in your videos before sharing them with your contacts.

Drawing on the videos with WhatsApp

To draw in upon your videos just have to press the camera icon that is in the box “Write a message”. There we select a video that we already have in the Gallery either record a video at that time using the camera recording. After select or record a video already we find exactly the same options found for images. We can add stickers, add texts and draw color strokes. Drawn once our video now only have to click on send to share.