WhatsApp Announces Its 350 Million Users

Taking advantage of the Nokia World that is taking place, and perhaps as a way to make it clear who commanded against the emergence of Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS, the CEO of WhatsApp has renewed the numbers of users that we had.

Are 350 million, one hundred above those who had only four months ago and fifty a couple, this instant messaging service users. Meanwhile, BBM surpasses 5 million records in its first eight hours, Recalling that they maintain a waiting list in the social network.

Next 5 million in line – your turn! Open up BBM and click “I got the email” to get started on #BBM right away!

— BBM (@BBM) October 22, 2013

Must be borne in mind that the 350 million active users of WhatsApp are very active, they gave about 100 messages per day per user this summer, while BBM records are surely most people so much land that can end up not using the service.

Personally, I see difficult movement of masses in the direction of Blackberry Apart from business environments, at least in the medium term. WhatsApp users who have used (and not used) BBM with whom I have spoken, see no need to even download this application. It will be much less interesting to see how this evolves.