What Shoes Fit My Style

Women today as years ago, love to shop shoes. For this reason, many large companies shoes strive to increase its arsenal of various types of shoes, such as diversifying models of women’s dress shoes, women’s boots, ladies boots, women’s footwear and women’s summer or winter boots. More stores offer shoes online ladies who prefer not to walk around the shops for hours in search of the perfect shoe models that can suit their handbags.

It turns out that this obsession with shoes is welcome and men who can understand what is the nature of a woman on the basis of shoes that chooses to wear. As we know men love to watch the feet of the women, but they do not know what else can see there.

Men should be aware that the types of shoes, which can glimpse a woman elegant high-heeled shoes or shoes with flat soles. The conclusions that can do when they see a woman with such shoes are the following:

If a woman chooses to wear sneakers or any shoes like vintage heels with a flat sole, it must be borne in mind that such a woman does not care about people’s opinion. Such a woman is independent and make decisions without being influenced at all by what others think. This woman is a free spirit. This woman is very likely no big intellectual baggage, but instead it is true to your friends and loved ones.
At the same time if you encounter a woman who likes to wear high-heeled shoes, then you should consider, that a woman loves luxury and comfort. Typically, such women love to indulge and maintain a high standard of living. Some of these women tend to achieve greater success, both personally and professionally. However, this should have to yourself strong and clever man.