What Pillow Suits You

Almost a third of his life spends a man in intimate union with his pillow. But the choice is huge: round, square, small, large, high, flat and even different materials. But not every pillow is suitable for the specific needs of individuals sleeping.

Especially those who have neck or shoulder pain, should make choosing the right pad carefully. The cause is often the sedentary activity during working hours.Many people sleep on average mattresses that are consistently harder or softer. It has been demonstrated that increases the quality of sleep in people who sleep on mattresses zone with different hardness zones which are individually adapted to the body.

The same goes for pillows. These should be specifically adapted to the sleeper. The main function of the pillow to the head-neck area support so that the cervical spine is not twisted is, is overstretched or prevented. It should fill the gap between the mattress surface and head so that the back of the head line is a direct continuation of the vertebral column.

The cushion 80×80 cm should use only as decorative pillowcases, but not to sleep. They do not give enough grip or the sleeper even puts his shoulders from it, so that the head and the cervical spine is bent. There used in the mattress no shoulder areas, so this size of pillows was primarily offered to ensure that the shoulder was soft bed and something could sink.

A 80/80 cm pillow should be exchanged through a neck support pillow 40/80 cm, so that the cervical spine optimally supported and the head is relieved. The whole bed system consisting of pillow, mattress and slat form a unit. Only when you look at everything together, we find the optimal sleeping position. Particularly advantageous are the special cervical pillow. They contain layers of different thickness and shape, which can and so can take out or twist set the optimum height and the most comfortable angle of inclination of the cervical spine.

We stock a large selection of pillows for the different needs of our customers. It is best to look in our shop booth or arrange your personal appointment like after working hours or on Sunday. We even come to your home-completely free of charge and without obligation-to measure at your place or to perform an analysis of the existing bedding with pillows, mattress, slatted base and to make suggestions for improvement. We bring different pillows with, so that you can on your existing bed system test it.