What is a Quartz Watch?

Generally, quartz watches are usually the most common for everyday use. His most affordable price one mechanic because the manufacture of its components is fully mechanized, while mechanical, require finely manufactured, adjusted and assembled components that require direct hand of an expert, which implies a cost overrun in the final price. That is why quartz watches are ideal for day to day if all you want is to know the time and for those who decide to have a second more sophisticated watch for special occasions. However, there are also quartz watches are handmade and have a finish that have nothing to envy others.

How does it work?

The quartz watch is an electronic watch characterized by having inside a small piece of this mineral composed of silicon dioxide. The role of this component is to generate the necessary impulses at regular intervals to allow time measurement. Yes, to vibrate the quartz crystal laminated within the cylinder to protect it, it must be powered by an electric field through a stack is generated. Quartz regulates and stabilizes the operating frequency, indicating the time.

The tiny cell or battery (with new energy-saving systems making use of a battery) is the difference operation method of the quartz watch others, such as automatic and mechanical.

What is your story?

The beginnings of the quartz watch settle in 1920, when Warren Marrison and JW Horton constructed the first in the Bell Telephone Laboratories . However, it was not until 1967 when the first quartz watch bracelet develops in Switzerland until two years later, Seiko launches Quartz-Astron 35SQ , first in the market, which would be sold for $ 1250 because of its great innovation and manufacturing in gold. The brand took a step further in the history of watchmaking, stating that “someday, all watches will be well.”

Soon quartz watches will have digital LCD screens that relegate classical needle into the background.Mass production in Asia by brands like Casio made ​​gradually new features such as alarms, chronographs were added, …

The appearance of the Swatch in 1983 with a simple mechanism in quartz watches renews needles.Thus, nowadays quartz watches have become a convenient and affordable option to have a good watch , gaining in precision and ease of maintenance, while traditional mechanisms have been relegated to more expensive watches and intended for watch lovers.

What is maintenance?

Maintaining a quartz watch is quite simple, but it must be done by expert hands:

  1. Never leave a dead battery inside the clock to avoid damaging its components.
  2. Change periodically seals and sealing rubbers to avoid getting water.

Some quartz watches that can be found in the catalog of wrist watches are: