What is a Nail Stamp

Drawing on the nails is not a simple task for those who have no skill with the hands. Thinking about that Eastern created the stamp nail, success out there and only after it became fever in Brazil. The product serves to decorate nails and should be used with nail polish for stamping.

Who tried to use the stamps to decorate nails with other enamel noticed some difficulty leaving the enamel in position. This is because the common product to dye nails usually more ralinho and makes it difficult at the time of application. The enamel to stamp, produced especially for this, need only one layer, it is quick drying and increased fixation.

You see, you are not just using enamel for stamps that you can use stamps nail. However, the product actually makes the task easier and more practical. Some say that can enamelling with decoration much more quickly with the nail polish.

Not suitable paint your nails with nail polish for stamping. Because it is thicker and be done for details, often out faster, and is also very thick. Flaking is more rapid. But there is one advantage: it much faster dry also and often shiny, more intense. There are those who adore its finish and take due care to the color last longer on the nail, such as creating the crease by placing a layer of enamel with glitter on top, using drying oil and touching up throughout the week. Ways to do this kind of nail polish last longer on the nail is not lacking. See http://www.healthknowing.com/2015/opi-avoplex-nailcuticle-oil-av-710-15-ml/

A tip for users is to avoid the most leave the opened glass. Apply and then immediately close. How is a thick enamel, leaving open the glass ends up causing the product dry faster, reducing its useful life, as well as leaving the unused item. When the glaze is too thick, just getting complicated decorate your nails with the product.

Prices Enamels for Stamp

They are of particular use, and all very unique in the beauty of the universe is more expensive, is not it? Each item costs an average of R $ 10 and may be slightly more expensive to treat yourself to an imported enamel or cheaper even if it is a national product.

To buy, do not have much secret. The trick is to look for products stores nail. It is not a product for sale in supermarkets and pharmacies, where we find the traditional glazes in a good part of the time, but gives rather to find in stores that have fake nails, stickers for nails, brushes nail decorated, among others.

Enamels Marks for Stamp

Some enamel tips to stamp on the market are:

Blant Colors – is one of the nicest to use because it is thick and often dry and fast even. It also has a glass big boy and can be used several times without any problem. The more, the better. The same brand also sells stamps and several platelets to change the decoration prints.

Hits – the popular Brazilian brand of nail polish has a collection of enamel colors medians for stamps. Compared with its palette of traditional colors, with over 500 tons, the seven colors of your nail polish to stamp is even too simplistic. Reaches keynotes such as green, yellow, blue and white, so you can do mixtures to create more.

La Femme – is not one of the most popular brands of nail polish in Brazil, so the user may have some difficulty finding the product. But they are well thick with great aroma and is on the list of cheap glaze.

Using Enamels to Stamp

Put in front of the plate to stamp, the stamp and the enamel. Pass the color based on your hands, which will cover the nails. Apply a little enamel for stamps on the metal plate, pass the trowel over to remove excess, then put the stamp on top and press gently.