What Device Do You Use For Photos Or Videos?

Technology and the success of social networks have introduced changes when it comes to recording videos or taking a photo.

What Device Do You Use For Photos Or Videos?

Using the smartphone, action cam, tablet, camera or video has its advantages and disadvantages. For you to choose, electronicsencyclopedia will tell you in words how much the quality of each image is worth.

Smartphone: Comfortable And Surprising

Thequality of photos and videos, in good light conditions, isquite good.Even more than good in high end model.Of course, make sure the devicehas enough memory. 


We always have it on hand and there is no doubt about itsgood portability.With himupload the photos to Internetto share with others is extremely simple.It is also possible toedit the videoson the smartphone itself.The smaller size of their lenses and sensors issupplementedwith a goodprocessing of the images and videosin high end models whose end result is reasonably good.


They lackoptical zoom. Also agood image stabilizerfor videos.Thelimitations of your lenses and sensorsare noticed when there is little light or we are indoors with artificial light.In these cases, the quality of videos and photos drops and can become really disappointing in mid-range and low-end models.In some models thelow speed of firingcan also be annoying. 

Model With Better Quality

Themobile with the best quality in videos and photosaccordingtoour comparatoris: